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Breville Smart Grinder and E61 basket

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  • Breville Smart Grinder and E61 basket

    Hi, folks.

    I have been using a Smart Grinder ever since they were launched, but on my Sunbeam 6910.
    Happy as, and a good step up from the Sunbeam grinder.

    However, I have upgraded machines to an Expobar Leva, and the grinder sprays some grounds to the back of the E61 basket, and they end up on the grind catch tray.
    The basket also won't engage the portafilter activation switch, so the 58mm portafilter cradle must have a little too much meat on it for the E61 group head.

    I don't want to risk wrecking the cradle by taking a knife to it, so has anyone had this problem and found a solution?


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    I normally just press the button instead of activating with PF. Have never really found it spray grinds, perhaps the shape of your particular PF doesn't suit the cradle? My PF doesn't engage as well as a previous one I had but still sits there.



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      Hi Chris

      I thought more people would've commented on this.

      Anyway, when I was using the Breville Smart Grinder with E61 portafilters (Expobar Minore, Expobar Elen II, Alex Duetto III and a bottomless E61 PF from Five Senses), I never had any issues with grinds spilling over or not being able to engaged the PF button.

      Having said that, I did have some issues with the Expobar Elen II double spout PFs scratching the catch tray because the spouts come down too low.

      Doesn't really help you problem, but that's my experience so far. Maybe borrow a naked/bottomless PF and see if you still have the same issue?


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        We have a similar issue at work where the Smartgrinder seems to fill up the back right part of the basket. Since work pays for beans I don't get too concerned about a little spillage, but I have found that rotating the portafilter during the grinding process assists in distributing the grounds a little and results in less mess and wastage.

        Regarding the button question, the portafilter from the Bezzera BZ35 presses it just fine, whereas a portafilter from the Wega Mininova is more difficult. Would a little sticky dot or piece of plastic a couple of mm thick stuck to the button help?




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          Thanks, folks.

          I bought a naked portafilter (basically, just for the fun of showing visitors), but no change.

          No biggie, but sometimes mildly annoying.


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            I bought an OE dosing funnel from Talk Coffee (a site sponsor), and it works a treat.

            Happy, happy, happy.