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Macap M2 or Macap M4 (or anything else) for Rancilio Silvia V3

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  • Macap M2 or Macap M4 (or anything else) for Rancilio Silvia V3

    I browsed CoffeeSnobs extensively before I decided on purchasing my now, 4 year old, Rancilio Silvia V3. However, this is my first post.
    I would now like to purchase a decent grinder that would complement my Silvia. I have no plans to upgrade in the next few years.
    I have considered the Rancilio Rocky of course, but even though it is said to produce a very good grind, I gather that there may be problems, especially when living in the tropics: see Everything rusts here, and if mold is given any opportunity to flourish, it will.
    Therefore, I have narrowed down my options to mainly the Macap M2 or Kompak K3, or go up market to the Macap M4 or Mazzer Mini. Recognizing that there is a significant price difference between the two levels my question is this: is the extra expenditure of the M4 or Mazzer Mini and equivalents going to produce a noticeable improvement in quality of espresso from my Rancilio Silvia? Or would the extra quality of grinder cost not be realized in a concomitant improvement in quality of espresso?
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    Having been in the same position many times i got to the point were i had my now expobar minore. With that i started out with a breville smart grinder. Only to next go up to a compak k3. Thinking this was the best option. Mid last year i also looked at the macap range and ended up going for the M4D. Big price difference i agree but it may just be me but the quality that comes out ino is better than the compak k3. I cant anawer if the M4D is better than the lower model however the M4D in my opinion is better in many ways than the k3 which i was happy with also when i owned it. But as noticed by all there is a price difference. Something i look back on now and can say i glad i spent the extra monet in getting the M4D
    Cheers Chris


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      If there is even the slightest chance that you will upgrade to an HX or Dual Boiler machine in the future sometime, buying the best grinder you can afford, now, will be money very well spent. With regard to the M2M vs M4, I think the M4 would be the pick as it is more focussed on very fine tuning, given it has the option of infinite grind adjustment. Between the M4 and a Mazzer Mini, I would stick with the M4 because of better overall design...



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        Thank you very much for your quick and insightful responses. I am leaning further to spending the extra money.


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          Mazzer mini is overpriced. K3 or m4d if you can afford it


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            I was tossing up between the M4D and Mazzer Mini earlier this year and ended up going with the M4D, mostly because of the worm drive. I've been happy with it.


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              Hi Chris,i own both the Macaps and like both but prefer the M4D, it is faster and cleaner than the M2N. A coffee catcher fixes the mess so no real problems. The stepped adjustment draws a bit of comment but the steps are very fine and a bit more or less tamping pressure fixes that. So it comes down to speed? As I said I like the M4D. John


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                I own both an M2M and M4D (and a K3 FWIW). The comments above are accurate. While the M4D is faster than the M2M, for many people that is not a big deal. The timed dose on the M4D is handy, particularly if you have a 2nd 'barista' in the house who isn't so keen on learning exactly what they doing. The stepped grind on the M2M is obviously a (minor) negative in terms of precision of adjustment, but actually helps if you use 2 different brewing methods or grind for decaf in the evening. The M2M is also a lot easier to throw in the car if you are heading away for the weekend.


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                  Thank you very much for all of the advice. Thank you also for the excellent offer made by a forum sponsor.
                  I am now the owner of a Macap M4D. I am already amazed at the improvement in the quality of my usual double shot macchiato.
                  I ultimately chose to purchase from a small local company in Cairns. Mainly out of loyalty to far north Queensland small business.
                  So once again thank you for your advice. I look forward to learning more about coffee from this forum in the future.


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                    I think the M4D is a great choice. It must be as I have one. I suppose there is nothing wrong with a bit of self-congratulations.

                    I think they are well made and look great on the bench, especially in chrome. The grinder weighs 8.5kg and it gives the impression of being built like a tank and something that will last many years.

                    The timer is easy to use and the grinder does a great job.

                    The step-less worm drive is pretty amazing although the adjustment is so fine I'm now used to turning it quite a bit like often one complete turn or more to go from one bean to another. The downside is forget going from say espresso to plunger grind. The upside is of course, no one can say that the adjustment is not fine enough. It is, almost excessively so.

                    I think the grinder is also about as big as I'd like to go for home use.
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