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Grinder recommendations to pair with EM7000

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  • Grinder recommendations to pair with EM7000

    We had an old sunbeam crema and breville BCG450 grinder which paired well. However after 2 years of use the crema died and was declared unfixable by the service agent. We used rewards point galore and updated to the sunbeam EM7000 (and 20% off).

    We had trouble making anything until I read on these forums that the BCG450 is just not up to the task for 'mid range' makers. I was tempted to mod the grinder BUT upon notifying the wife that i would need more tools to take it apart (a new screwdriver in fact) I got a sigh and was asked to look into getting a new one that would be up to the task.

    So for a budget of around $500 what would be a good grinder to recommend? such that we a grind consistency that the EM7000 will put in the sweet spot for a pull. We are not tied to any brandname either. We really prefer grinding our own rather than having the shop do it - whose grind works perfectly by the way. Note: I did ask at the shop but the cheapest grinder they do is around $700


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    For convenience I love the Breville Smart grinder pro (~$250). You can set your dosing amount in 0.2 sec increments. Quality won't be as good as your more serious grinders but definitely worth considering.


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      A Macap M2M is a great little grinder (I've used one and have always been impressed by the results), is built like a tank from a reputable company, and fits your budget perfectly.

      Macap M2M | Talk Coffee

      Cheers Matt


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        You've basically got three categories to choose from: "appliance" brand small conicals (Breville smart grinder is the pick of the bunch, by reputation); basic (timerless) small flat burr grinders with better components and build quality from companies that specialise in coffee equipment (Macap M2M, Compak K3, others...), or a high quality hand grinder. The last probably offers the best grind quality for buck, the second is more convenient and still well and truly good enough for your machine. The first is wallet friendly, but after using a Sunbeam grinder with my EM6910 and finally upgrading to something better, I wished I'd bitten the bullet years earlier.
        Good luck!

        Edit - just noticed there's a near-new Compak K3 touch in the marketplace right now for $400... I'd get that.


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          Thanks for your help everyone. The wife wasn't keen on second hand and then she threw another bombshell it had to be under a certain height to fit on the bench (i never considered it and probably would have considered suggesting a new kitchen was in order then!)

          We ended up with a Eureka Mignon (spent only a little bit more than the budget)


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            basilbrush666, did you find that the em7000’s portafilter struggled to fit into the forks of the Mignon? I’ve found that it’s a bit of a squeeze (because it’s very deep and has a built-in tamp pad on the underside of portafilter).