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Super Jolly Doser lever to stiff?

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  • Super Jolly Doser lever to stiff?

    Hi all,

    For some reason the lever on my doser has become very stiff. Each sweep is no longer a free and easy action and now has become quite heavy. The unit is only a few ears old and other than this issue functions perfectly.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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    As it is out of warranty, the choices are to fix yourself or take it to a coffee machine specialist. Try googling super jolly stiff lever. You might come across something like this:


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      It's most likely a combination of assembly grease and fine grounds under the lower doser star that has formed something akin to tar and gumming up the free rotation of the mechanism.
      Fixing it properly and adjusting the correct tension on the mechanism requires a fair bit of disassembly, but is the only way to restore it to as-new condition.
      The hardest bit is preventing the mechanism from turning while you loosen the central bolt (once you knock out the small roll pin that locks the bolt head in place). The way I do it is to wedge a screwdriver tip between the ramps on the lower doser ratchet wheel and the outlet chute - DON'T try to prevent the mechanism turning by wedging against one of the arms on the doser star, or you'll break it.


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        Alrighty then, now I have something to try.
        Will report back.