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Should I Be Upgrading My Grinder?

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  • Should I Be Upgrading My Grinder?

    Hey guys i have recently upgraded my coffee machine to the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione. It is great ! but i am starting to wonder if i should be upgrading my grinder. I currently have the Breville Dose Control Pro. Great little grinder but i have noticed that i am struggling to find the true flavour of the beans i am using as i also have them at a cafe. Currently have it set on (9) and my shots run for around 25 seconds. Although the flavour just doesn't seem right. Is anyone familiar which this brand of grinder?

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    Hi Kurt,

    There is no doubt that a better grinder will assist, but the root of your problems might also exist in one or more of the other variables which contribute to each shot.

    Perhaps the definitive answer to your question might be found by taking your grinder and trying it against a grinder in the next class up- same coffee, same machine, same operator, close as possible to same pour?

    Great stuff espresso. You never stop learning

    Enjoy the ride...




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      Yes. Upgrade your grinder, it's the only way.
      Or perhaps the temp of your home machine is different to your commercial so the espresso tastes different.

      But yes upgrade your grinder anyway.


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        Always a good idea to upgrade your grinder since you have changed the machine. Some say the grinder is more important than the machine in terms of flavour.


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          Lots of variables influence the shot flavour.
          EG. How do you use your grinder and how often ? Single dose, or timed dose from the hopper ?
          do you flush stale grinds out of the grinder before each grind ?
          Grind setting vs Tamp technique can also make flavour variations for the same shot time.
          Many other similar small variables will affect the end result.
          be consistent, and change one variable at a time until you notice the improvement you are looking for.


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            Hi Kurt:

            I couldn't find from your profile if you live in Perth. If you did however we have a gathering this Saturday at my place. I currently have a Rocky which is a great grinder but just ordered a M4D grinder from Monsieur * **** and it will most likely arrive in time. It seems like there are some nice grinders from the $400 mark on up. Once you get to a certain standard, say a Rocky then it is about features such as automation and grind speed, after that.


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              I use my grinder 1-2 times a day. It's a timed dose from the hopper and I always flush out the stale grinds. What were some effective tamp techniques ?