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Need some advice on a recent purchase - Brasilia RR55OD Rossi On Demand Flat Burr

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  • Need some advice on a recent purchase - Brasilia RR55OD Rossi On Demand Flat Burr

    So I just bought this commercial grinder at auction.
    It was picked up at a cheap and cheerful price but I need some assistance with setting the grind time.
    It's on demand and there's an electronic timer that controls the grind time.

    Issue: I don't know how to increase the grind time and I can't find a manual.

    I'd be very grateful for any advice or tips.
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    Perhaps, this might help...


    The manual has been moved to the Grinders Documentation forum:
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      Originally posted by Dimal View Post
      Perhaps, this might help...

      Thanks Mal. Very very helpful!


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        Thankyou very much @Dimal


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          I have an RR55-OD (i believe they're the same) and the method outlined in the user manual has never worked for me.

          If it doesn't work for you either, try this:

          1. Switch on the main switch and as soon as the display shows numbers, press and hold both buttons and wait until F.01 is displayed.

          2. To program the single shot time, press the "+" button, which is the single shot button. You should be able to see a + and - next to the buttons. A number should be displayed, this is the grinding time in seconds. Use the buttons to adjust the time up or down.

          3. Wait until the display returns to the F.01 and switch the grinder off and back on. The time has now been programmed.

          4. To program the double shot button, follow the steps above until the F.01 is first displayed. Then, press the "-" button (the double shot button) and the display should read F.02.

          5. Press the "+" button and a number should be displayed. This is the double shot timer, adjust up or down using the buttons, wait until the display returns and then switch off and back on. The time should now be programmed.