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Compak K3 elite V mazzer mini

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  • Compak K3 elite V mazzer mini

    Hi all, before you judge me....I know this has been discussed in the past

    My question is about longevity. I certainly know the Mazzer Mini is a solid bit of gear but I'm curious as to what the k3 elite would be like long term. Ive played with a mini a fair bit and the left throw from the doser really bugged me. I know the left throw is common in dosers but how does it fair on the K3 elite?

    I'll also be hopefully upgrading in the future to hopefully something along the lines of the mechanika iv profi from my la nuova cuadra. Would this grinder pair well?

    Ive heard talk about skipping the mini altogether and going the superjolly but bench space is limited and is the difference in the cup very noticeable or very subtle?

    Finally any idea on the difference between the standard k3 elite and the elite PB?

    If push comes to shove, I can dig deeper and go the difference in cost for the mini.



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    Much better options than the mazzer mini for the price. My k3 elite is as good as new and 7 years old. If I upgraded it would be to get speed and reduce noise.
    Macap m4d, rocket fausto or profitec. There are lots of very good grinders out there for mazzer mini money or not a lot more.
    Send the sponsors an email with location and budget. You might be surprised.


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      Trentski, cheers for the reply.

      How loud is the k3? I've currently got a Nova simonelli grinta. It's a good grinder for the price but ugly and noisy. Clumping isn't too bad either but could be better.


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        I think all grinders are probably equally as loud unless you get one of the compak silenzio models, even saying that I beleive the m4d is just as quiet.

        Takes about 20 seconds for a double on the k3 or mini. M4d I about half that and a few in the mini price range are close to 8 second doubles, maybe same noise but less time making it us the payoff.


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          Wow, 8 seconds is much faster than my Grinta. 20 seconds sounds about right for me atm.

          What machine have you paired it with?

          I don't want to have to upgrade again. I love my coffee but there is a limit to my tasting ability and I really don't think anything above say a superjolly is necessary for my taste buds. Longevity and cleanliness are probably high on my cards followed by clumping with my requirements for the new grinder.


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            I'm paired with a rocket Giotto premium plus. That's cured my espresso machine upgraditus but I would like a faster doserless grinder.
            Have a look at the following sponsor buying guide
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              I shouldn't have read that article but glad I did. I was really sold on getting a doser as I thought it would really alleviate the clumping which I experience with the Grinta. It looks like all doserless grinders clump to a degree.

              To make it easy - am I going to notice an upgrade in quality moving from the Grinta to something like the K3 or mini? I understand the flaws etc with my current grinder but I can live with that. If it's going to mean a difference in the cup then I'm ready to move on to something in the k3 / mini Price range.


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                Less grind retention with doserless and the models released since I got my k3 wbc are much improved in useability and accuracy.
                Take the mini off your short list. Have a look at the m4d for $1000 it would be pretty hard to beat.

                K3 is a step above the grinta but you would be better go up again to m4d, fausto territory


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                  Originally posted by trentski View Post
                  Less grind retention with doserless
                  Are you sure about that? The two doser grinders I have owned have very little grind retention but yes, it requires manual sweeping of grinds from the chute to effect this.


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                    I think you just validated my claim.


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                      I never really looked at the m4d mainly because of cost. Might be worth sticking with what I have and saving the extra coin. I'll rule out the mini, it was just too messy the times I've used one. I'm assuming macap territory involves solid machines that last. Does anything Compare to the m4d from compak?


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                        Originally posted by trentski View Post
                        I think you just validated my claim.
                        Not so. When I say 'manual sweeping' I mean the retained grinds are swept into my filter basket and not wasted at all.
                        I have read several posts on CS about users of some doserless grinders having to throw away the first 10g or so to purge the old grinds from the grind path. It depends on which grinder you are talking about.


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                          I have had my Mini for about 7 years and just replaced the burrs. I have modded it with the plastic tube as discussed in a recent post. I would still recommend it as a first grinder. I recently discussed up grading with a sponsor who stated that if I didn't like the mess the mini made I wouldn't be happy with a M4d. I had the money ready!! So I put in the plastic tube mod and most of the mess disappeared. Yes it takes 20seconds to grind a double shot, but really does 12seconds quicker make a difference? I saved money and still have a great coffee every morning I just have to wait a terrible 12 seconds longer. The Mazzer has not missed a beat in 7 years and the burrs had done over 300kg of coffe so I replaced them. I will save some more and buy something like the Fausto when I upgrade the Musica


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                            I've had the ecm mech IV profi with a doser mazzer mini for about 5 years and happy with both. I have the auber timer for the grinder, I think set at 27.60 seconds for a double. Have an old paint brush to get rid of residual grinds in the shute and added sail repair tape to the sweepers when I first got it so it's clean after use. An OE funnel in the PF and I find there is pretty well no mess. I've had a Quest M3 roaster for about the same time, pretty happy with my setup, can't see any reason to change any of it.


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                              Cheers guys. I certainly never wrote off the mini. It is certainly a little tank, just not a fan of the setup, nor having to mod something that I pay big $$ for. Itv really looks like there is worth in spending a bit more and going up a bit in price. I appreciate the inputb from you all. Big help!