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  • Coffee beans hand grinder

    Hey guys ,
    I was planning to buy 5-6 different small batches of roasted beans from the local spice merchant Kakulas .
    I have burr grinder filled with everyday use beans, do not wish to empty that each time to grind a different batch of beans .

    So I thought the convenient and economical way would be to get a quality small hand coffee bean grinder. I am not a coffee snob but relatively picky about the coffee shop from where I get my cappuccino. My home setup is inexpensive basic sunbeam ( non boiler ) espresso machine and Sunbeam Conical Burr Grinder.

    My friend bought Gefu Coffee Grinder Lorenzo, could not find its reviews .

    Does anyone know how fine it grinds ?
    Any other input on how to achieve this objective of sampling different beans would be appreciated as well ?

    Thank you.

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    I'll have a go at answering this. You don't state what type of grind you're trying to achieve. I will assume espresso as you have an espresso machine. The grinder you refer to does not seem to advertise that it's for espresso ie no footage of it doing this and I think this is poignant. The other tyes of grind are much less finer than espresso and like most other grinders in this category (eg porlex etc) it will probably do a reasonable job at filter, moka and french press. Whilst it may be physically capable of espresso grind it may well take 2-3 minutes of grinding to get enough for a double shot of coffee which, in time, will make it completely unsuitable and tedious.

    For me, I would save my pennies and get a lido 2/lido 3 /lido E if what you want is espresso grind. If this is too much outlay then you could consider buying one used for around the $200 price range in the 'For sale' section.

    I've been down the path of using a grindripper for grinding espresso. It is capable of it and by and large it does a pretty reasonable job but the 3 minutes it takes to grind a double shot makes it unsustainable as a solution. The grindripper was not designed for this and I suspect the Gefu grinder is also not designed for this....


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      Simple. Don't fill your hopper and just put in 18-20 grams of beans and then grind them.


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        @ Pretzal
        Yes Espresso grind.
        Funny you mentioned Lido series , I just read its review few days ago and bookmarked it .
        I can imagine 2-3 min of grinding could become a 'grind' longterm

        Long ago I had an idea to solve this work flow problem for sampling multiple single origin beans at home , but looks like it wont be a commercially viable proposition . Probably not many people have this problem .


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          Originally posted by cuppaZen View Post
          I can imagine 2-3 min of grinding could become a 'grind' longterm
          I think you would find the Lido would be perfect. Many here have them and they're brilliant.

          I have used mine for coffee for 8 pax (8 doubles back to back). You don't need to be Superman!


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            Originally posted by trentski View Post
            Simple. Don't fill your hopper and just put in 18-20 grams of beans and then grind them.
            Thats what I did , but the process is messy & tedious . I had to pour the beans from top plastic barrel . For doing that you have to lift the whole machine and turn it upside down to empty the beans and some semi-ground coffee. Some of the coffee powder is always present in the dispenser pipe, no mater how careful your are it always spills little bit . I try to get out all the coffee so that residue does not mix with the new beans .

            This just kills the mojo & excitement of making coffee in the morning from the delicious beans that you bought.


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              Coffee beans hand grinder

              The lido is awesome [emoji106]
              But I think though the point with single dosing is to have a clean grinder, measure in 20g of beans, then grind it all out. That way there is no need to turn anything over. It does require a bit of fiddling to get it working well, but I've done it with both of my grinders and it works a treat once you have the technique nailed. Try searching for your grinder on this site - see what others have done.
              Cheers Matt


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                Coffee beans hand grinders are perfect for travelers.They are more affordable and show your dedication to quality coffee.