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Lido 2- Lido 3- Lido E- Lido E-T. Which for Aeropress, Moka pot and traveling?

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  • Lido 2- Lido 3- Lido E- Lido E-T. Which for Aeropress, Moka pot and traveling?

    I have had it with my Porlex Tall. Using it up to three times a day, the handle connection has worn and so the handle randomly flies off. It has been good for an entry level and while I found my feet with the whole "real" coffee process but I am ready to outlay on something of better quality.

    Which of the Lido's would you recommend? I am going caravaning around Australia soon and will be doing lots of freecamping with limited electricity so has to be a hand grinder and the Lido's seem to get the highest nod from everyone. Will only be using it for Aeropress, Moka pot and Plunger.

    Will the Lido take less grinding than the Porlex? Doing 23grams of beans each coffee and am finding that the porlex takes a fair while, even longer now that the handle comes off randomly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For that use I would buy lido 3 out of the Lido range. Would be perfect, but can't comment re quantity of grinding vs Porlex.


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      Hi mate. Can only comment on the Lido 3 and can't speak highly enough of it. An awesome piece of gear. I mainly use mine for decaf or single origin espresso and it takes me ~ 45 secs to grind 21 grams when grinding for espresso. A fair bit quicker when grinding for my bialetti.
      Comes with a nice pouch for travel as well.


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        I'd agree,

        The Lido 3 is the correct choice for your brief.

        They have been scarce for a month or two, but we have received more this week.


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          Thank you all.

          Any chance anyone knows of someone who stocks them in the Brisbane area?


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            Chris would be a good bet as above. If you want to see in the flesh, I bought mine from a coffee shop in Brisbane CBD - Botero on Adelaide St. They only had a few in stock so unsure whether they still have them. I walk past daily so I can always pop in and have a look for you if you like. Simply let me know. Cheers.


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              Lido 2- Lido3- LidoE- Lido ET. Sounds like the Lido Shuffle. Boz Skaggs might be able to help with your choice..,,


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                Love the Boz...



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                  I went ahead and ordered a Lido 3 and it finally came!! Was so excited and then felt a little out of my depth. It was more intricate than the Porlex and came with fewer instructions but I figured it out eventually.

                  The grind itself was SO much easier than the porlex and took about 1/4 of the time. So much quicker! Super impressed and so happy with it. Now comes the fun part of fiddling with the grind settings to find my sweet point. Thanks again for the assistance.