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Grinder recommendation -Rocket, Macap, Compak?

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  • Grinder recommendation -Rocket, Macap, Compak?

    Grinder recommendation -Rocket, Macap, Compak? Looking for a grinder suitable for Espresso. I don't yet have a machine. Initially maybe just an Aeropress or a used Gaggia Classic with aspirations to a Rocket Giotto or Evoluzione. I am a noob to using both grinder and espresso machine but after attending a 2 day Barista course, I can say I am not fond of using manual type grinders. Cheaper, yes but I'm OK with paying more for an electronic grinder. We used a Mini Mazzer E and a Mythos as well as manual machines.

    I've done some research and based on my brief experience on a barista course I attended, I believe that the Rocket Fausto, Macap M4D and the Compak E5 OD electronic grinders would be suitable for my requirements. My primary considerations apart from being electronic, is reliability, durability, delivering consistent grind quality, parts, servicing. Ease of use in dialing in dose and cleaning would be nice too. Being new to this, I may have missed other important considerations or correct terms - so feel free to advise and correct. The Rocket is the most expensive grinder listed - is the electronic interface bullet proof? I'd hate to buy a grinder to find out that electronic interface is known to be prone to failure. I have a bias toward the Fausto but what of the other grinders? Is the quality of the grind and durability of product just as good?

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    Most of these grinders are very similar in terms of performance etc, they all offer roughly 7 to 9 second speed for a double shot, they are all timed dosing grinders without dosers. It all comes down to personal preferences on looks and functionality really. All of these are established brands that offer great reliability and performance, just pick one that you like the look of and can get from your retailer of choice (check out the sponsors page here for deals and sellers).

    If you want something second hand, im selling an ECM electronic grinder that is in the same level of performance and price as the above mentioned grinders. Check out the classifieds section here.


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      I have a Rocky and a Macap M4D and would recommend either. The M4D is better but it is twice the price. Grinding though is the same. The biggest difference is the Rocky has stepped adjustment. I found this worked really well, no problem for me and it made it quick and easy to adjust grinds between say two different coffees and go back to the same point when finished. The Macap stepless is great for fineness of adjustment but in some ways I still prefer a stepped adjustment. The Macap M4D has timed dosing which I use and is handy but the time/weight needs to be changed for each different coffee you use. The M4D will do a grind for a double shot in about 10 seconds, whereas a Rocky will take about 30 seconds.

      Believe it or not the Rocky is 9kg 0.5kg heavier than the M4D.

      Both are great grinders. If you are short of cash I'd get a second hand grinder, as they last such a long time, buying second hand is a good thing to do.


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        If you can go and see them and if possible get a demo. They all are top of the available in their category, you won't go wrong with any of them. There is a difference in price between them though but not in quality (from what I have read)


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          You could also add Profitec T64 and ECM 64 in this mix excellent quality and similar pricing,
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            There may be small differences in speed, how burrs are changed and electronics, but realistically the main difference is appearance. If you plan on buying a Rocket, obviously the Fausto is the matching grinder. FWIW, personally I own a Rocket Evo and paired it with a Profitec T64 - which I love. I don't like the look of the Compak grinders, so I avoided them.

            Sounds silly, but of those grinders you are tossing up, I don't think there's much between them otherwise.


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              Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. I don't like the square profitec and ecm grinders.
              Get in touch with your local sponsor and have a play, see them in the flesh. It's the only way.
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                I agree some have fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

                Beauty is definitely an individual thing.


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                  Originally posted by trentski View Post
                  Get in touch with your local sponsor and have a play, see them in the flesh. It's the only way.
                  Agreed. There are so many grinders to choose from that you will probably go bananas if you read too much. See some in the flesh and you will quickly find your perfect match.
                  Cheers, Paul


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                    Nar- see 'em in the metal instead. I'm yet to see a grinder with flesh.


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                      Keep dem fingers well clear I say


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                        That image just about puts me off my coffee, but not quite...



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                          I am having a bit of a love affair again with our Mazzer Super Jolly electronic.

                          Our M4D has moved off the demo bench and we have the Mazzer with a short hopper fitted.

                          I had forgotten how nice the stainless chute is with minimal mess and retention and the way the group handle support holds the handle.

                          And we import and distribute the M4D.....


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                            I think for me the M4D in chrome looks fantastic next to my Wega. My wife likes the looks of it. She hates coffee but the machinery looks pretty flash in the kitchen. I wear my sunnies in the kitchen.