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Pimping my Macap M4D Grinder

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  • Pimping my Macap M4D Grinder

    I'm still very happy with my Macap M4D grinder and see no need to replace it....but I was getting a little tired of the silver colour and a few unsightly chips. So with the new buffet on the way for where the coffee machine and grinder are to be relocated, I finally got around to asking my brother in law to respray my grinder in a different colour that would refresh its appearance.

    I'm very happy with how things turned out. The starting brief was 'candy brown' which evolved as the process went on to kind of like a dark toffee apple with red hues, gold and copper. It certainly is very unique and visually interesting with the changing light.

    Thanks to Attila at Microcolor - you are a true professional and a master of your craft!
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    That looks awesome


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      Very noice indeed.


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        Reminds me of the stand at MICE which was a business dedicated to pimping high end coffee machines. They were playing with Slayer that day but others where involved in amazing airbrushing of machines, tampers etc. Tell Attilla he can branch out into all things coffee!


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          That is very impressive.