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Anfim Lusso with a weird smell and taste I can't get out of it - any ideas?

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  • Anfim Lusso with a weird smell and taste I can't get out of it - any ideas?

    Hi all

    First time poster and newbie to the coffee making scene since I picked up a Breville Duo Temp half price at Dick Smith's closing down sale.

    Been given an old Anfim Lusso on appro from a local cafe, probably way more than I need for a home setup but from what I have read it's a great unit if you can get it at the right price and in good nick.

    This unit has seen some work and it's far from pristine, looked to never have been cleaned in its entire life; setting aside the doser and hopper I've spent something like 12 hours cleaning the grime and tar-like residue from the grinder itself (half a box of toothpicks just to clean the threads in the body where the upper burr carrier runs on). I washed and scrubbed in detergent the upper burr carrier and both burrs then dried them, removed the lower burr carrier and cleaned every inch of the grind chamber and exit with isopropyl alcohol to dissolve the oils.

    Everything came up roses with the exception of that brass casting that holds the lower burr - it smelled a bit like hot engine oil when I first took it apart, and coffee ground with the machine comes out with a hint of this in the taste and aroma. I tried a few things to clean it but ultimately it needed steel wool and Jif to remove the dull coating of whatever was on it, although it looks like a sand cast with plenty of pits and imperfections where it has not been machined so likely I haven't got it all.

    Everything *looks* fine and initially I thought I was good to go but I'm finding I still have a hint of that contamination coming through, and if I unscrew the upper burr carrier and run my fingers round the threads I can get a whiff of this oily smell come back again so I'm at a bit of a loss as to where I go from here. It smells like engine oil (sort of) and once it's on your fingers it takes the power of removing. Only seemed to be on the brass lower burr carrier and securing nut but I guess it gets spread around the grinder by the coffee.

    What I've done so far:
    • Removed the hopper and doser (improvised a hopper and outlet chute for now)
    • Cleaned the upper burr carrier, grind chamber, burrs
    • Cleaned the burr carrier threads of accumulated crud
    • Removed and scoured the brass lower burr carrier & nut clean after detergent and coffee machine cleaner failed to shift the film on it
    • Replaced the dulled burrs with a new set

    Any ideas where to from here? Should I look to replace the burr carrier and nut? Is the grinder actually fixable? I'm stumped!

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    Hmmm, all I can think of is the electric motor or the bearings. You can try to pull it apart completely and use you nose to trace the origin of that particular smell.


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      I reckon the individual parts could probably do with a Steam Clean, after disassembling...
      Not the electrical parts of course...

      There's most likely traces of the old rancid varnish still contaminating your freshly ground coffee, on the internal surfaces and this needs to be removed completely. Steam cleaning should do it...



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        Thanks for the suggestions guys!

        I think the oil or varnish was on the lower burr carrier and perhaps when I ran it the first time it's spread it back over all the nice clean surfaces again.. sigh.

        I'd sooner not have to try pulling the motor assembly out - if I turn the whole thing upside-down do you think it's safe to have at the grind chamber and threads with detergent and a small brush - dishwashing liquid unless there's a better cleaning product for coffee oils and varnish?