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  • Grinder for Brazen Plus

    Hi all, I'm about to put in an order for a Brazen Plus and I'm thinking I might order a new grinder for it.

    I'm currently using a Porlex hand grinder and an Aeropress, and I've seen that the Lido 3 receives quite good ratings around here. But what about the Baratza Encore? It's cheaper and doesn't require hand grinding. I figure if I'm upgrading to an auto drip, I'd like to do the same for a grinder.

    Any suggestions welcome, my budget is probably no more than about $3-400 though.

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    Any hand grinder is going to be a pain in the you know what when doing the larger amounts of beans used in a drip brewer.

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      Yeah I'd go for an electric grinder to pair with a drip brewer. There's plenty of options as lots of the cheaper small conical burr grinders do quite well for this sort of grind. You want something that's neat and grinds into a container. I'd be looking at a Baratza, a Breville Smart Grinder or even a Bodum Bistro. The Sunbeam EM0xxx grinders also do a great job, but tend to be just a little more messy.


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        Originally posted by Javaphile View Post
        Any hand grinder is going to be a pain
        Too right you are! I'm already sick of the Porlex for the couple of coffees I make in the Aeropress. I. It is that you have a Brazen Plus, which power grinder do you recommend?


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          I'd be looking at a 2nd hand higher end doserless grinder, especially if you plan on getting an espresso machine at some point. If you need to stay as cheap as possible then LeroyC's suggestions sound pretty reasonable. But then I'm not from your neck of the woods and am known to use a Grindmaster 875 for grinding the beans for my Brazen.

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          Toys! I must have new toys!!!