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Eureka Drogheria - disassembly/cleaning

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  • Eureka Drogheria - disassembly/cleaning

    I came across a second hand one of these, that's seen a bit of action but not too much, but want to give it a good clean out before I start using it. It's got some obvious oil buildup around the centre nuts on the motor spindle, and a little bit of build up around the spout, but from what I can see the burrs look OK and clean - so I think I just need to separate the top/bottom plate so I can get the top burr carrier out and see more detail.

    Anyone have one or have taken one apart? I have got it disassembled (based on a web parts list), but the last bastion is the top metal plates, they don't seem to be screwed together but I can't be sure, it's possible it's gunked up from years of neglect, and I don't want to go prying around just yet. Thoughts ??

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    ok, so I think the top and bottom plates actually screw together in some way - but I have to get the adjustment screw out of it before I can screw it any further as it's restricting the turning to only the smallest amount. Can't really see how to do that without getting access to the bottom of the motor area, and because of the shape of the body cover means I probably need to get the motor and burrs separated.....


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      well, I didn't need to unscrew them - they were just a tight fit (helped with a sprinkling of coffee oils to seal the deal) and a few more repetitions of left/right turns showed a gap between the plates and working on that saw them apart. I didn't separate the carrier plate from motor yet, will leave that for another day, but the rest of it has been separated and cleaned and pretty soon now I'll give it its first test grind.