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Sorry in advance for my post Macap M2M vs Rancilio Rocky

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  • Sorry in advance for my post Macap M2M vs Rancilio Rocky

    Hi all,

    any opinions on one over the other for a low use espresso scenario?

    the Rocky claims to be fairly quiet which is a plus to me and a slightly smaller unit. Does one have lower retention than the other or am I splitting hairs?

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    Have you read any of the other multiple threads on here that deal with this exact issue?

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      Great I will do a search and delete


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        Quick reply. I have had a rocky. Biggest problem was the steps were too big. Often it was difficult to get the right grind fineness. Rocky had some grind retention. However once the unit has had a few grinds, usually a short grind will clear a path and then the grinds in the group handle will be fresh.
        I have just purchased a M2M micrometric model. First I think it is, or feels more compact. There are not steps, so the adjustment is continuous. There appears to be less retention. But the above note applies. The hold fork is adjustable. It is not noisy. It grinds a good cup of coffee.
        There may be an upgrade to the rocky that I am not aware of.
        The upgraded M2M is a great low volume grinder.