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My rocky doesn’t grind fine enough ? Is this common?

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  • My rocky doesn’t grind fine enough ? Is this common?

    Hey All!
    Curious if this is a common problem for others but I’ve got the humble Silvia / Rocky combo and have been finding that for certain beans, even if I have the Rocky on as fine as it can go, I’m still unable to pull a 30g/30 second shot? Is this common ? I measure my beans out as well to always make sure I always have a consistent amount of coffee...

    Anyone got a view on this ? I’m considering upgrading to a different grinder but also don’t want to do this if it isn’t going to solve the issue

    Thanks Guys!

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    The Rocky should be capable of choking any machine. Firstly, a few questions;

    - How old are the beans / roast date ?
    - When were the the burrs last replaced ?
    - What do you mean by 'as fine as it will go' The numbers on the dial are meaningless, you can go further than zero ?


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      Never experienced this with my Rocky, used it daily for almost 9 years.

      Koffeekit asked the relevant questions re age and quality of beans and condition of burrs.


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        Yeah I had same issue after about 6 years worth Rocky and Silvia. Couldn't seem to get grind fine enough and not being able to adjust between steps was a hassle. I was using home roasted. Not sure if it was burrs as it only saw mostly weekend use.

        I was considering upgrading both machine and grinder but after getting a M4 first it breathed new life into the Silvia.

        Maybe post a close photo of the burrs up here so someone with some knowledge can assess. Replacement burrs aren't that expensive so you could always try that and then sell it if it doesn't help.


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          A photo won’t really help. You can not tell how sharp anything is by a photo.
          My first guess would be blunt burrs though


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            How old is the Rocky and when did you get it? How many Kg has it done, known or estimated?

            I used a Rocky (+Silvia) for twelve years, needing no more than clean and readjustment of burrs which remained fine allowing that I had put through them a fraction of their nominal service life.

            I take up comments by koffekit and Yelta. The Rocky should grind anything flat as a tack, or enough to choke a Silvia. I strongly suspect cleanliness or condition of the burrs. You will find full servicing information for a Rocky on the web, and new burrs are relatively cheap if you need them.


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              Deleted as too complicated

              Ah see Dimal’s post following this.
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                Could also be that the adjuster has run up against the Stop Screw, preventing you from going any finer. If this is still fitted, it is safe enough to remove. The burr-set has a narrow flat section on the periphery which may rub and cause a slight noise but won't cause any damage...



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                  Thanks all! Sounding promising as I’d prefer to not buy a new grinder if it isn’t needed !

                  I believe it’s having trouble with darker roasts. I’ve tried the same beans when purchased straight away vs again in a couple of weeks and same result so I don’t suspect it’s to do with the age of the beans... at least that was my theory!

                  Interesting though, I do still have the screw in there which prevents me adjusting it any finer... the finest setting I can adjust down to is 3 from the 0 as the screw prevents any further ... could this be an issue ? I’ll need to do some more research on removing the screws then maybe.

                  The grinder is probably of decent age now. I bought it second hand 5 years ago but only really just a few coffees on the weekend during that time. I have cleaned the burrs before using some cleaner bead kinda things you run through the grinder as there was a bit of build up of sticky oil coffee gunk in there. A new pair of burrs probably wouldn’t be a terrible idea either.

                  So just to summarise, consensus would be to remove the screw ?


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                    Originally posted by wush View Post
                    So just to summarise, consensus would be to remove the screw ?
                    I would, and I did with my Rocky.
                    Made things much more simple...



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                      Originally posted by wush View Post
                      A new pair of burrs probably wouldn’t be a terrible idea either.
                      So just to summarise, consensus would be to remove the screw ?
                      Yep, remove the screw.

                      Given the age of the machine a new set of burrs wouldn't go astray, only buy OEM Rancilio burrs, after market burrs are a bit cheaper but don't last very long.



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                        Worked a treat! Thanks all!