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Macap M4D Burr Problem

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  • Macap M4D Burr Problem

    Hey guys, looking for some advice!

    I’ve just replaced the burrs on my Macap after 5 years. I tried to buy them through a sponsor but no one responded to my request so had to resort to EBay!

    After giving the grinder a good clean and inserting the new burrs I’ve noticed the machine is really noisy. I screwed the burrs tight and then backed off 10 full turns of the worm drive but the noise is way too loud and the grind looks like plunger quality! If I tighten up the burrs the noise increases and the machine stalled mid grind!

    Have a I got dud burrs?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Give the people at Jetblack Espresso a call Mick, they carry Macap burrs and should be able to help.


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      Are both burrs seated correctly? As in parallel to each other, one may be sitting up/down slightly and causing the burrs to touch but still giving a course grind.


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        If you put the old burrs back in does it go back to normal?


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          It does sound like the burrs might be out of alignment.


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            Thanks for the advice guys! Put the old burrs back in and sounded fine. On closer inspection I noticed that the new burrs don’t have serial numbers and the alignment is slightly off so whilst I can screw it in I guess it’s not seating 100% correctly!

            Bloody Ebay! Shame no sponsors responded to my request for replacements in the first place, could of saved me some money 😒
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              Not trying to be a smart arse Mick, however a 5 second Google search for "Macap M4D Burrs" immediately turned up Jetblack among a few other Australian suppliers of genuine Macap burrs.


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                Smart arse

                But they were $20 cheaper on EBay! Lesson learnt


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                  Surely if they were advertised as being suitable for a Macap M4D then you would be covered by eBay's buyer protection?