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coffee grinder restoration

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  • coffee grinder restoration

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    Wow, I thought I was crazy super fussy attention to detail but this is another level,
    Just beautiful.


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      I had to watch the clip until the end.

      An amazing restoration.


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        Why not just buy a new one, rather than taking all the character away from the old one?


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          All bright and shiny, yet even with all that work it still can't grind for sh!t.

          Java "Oh for a shop like that!" phile
          Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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            Nice job Marc.


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              I use olive oil to lubricate and rust protect
              More like...

              I use olive oil on the burrs to ensure that, even if you somehow manage to get this grinder to produce drinkable coffee, it will taste rancid


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                Originally posted by Javaphile View Post
                All bright and shiny, yet even with all that work it still can't grind for sh!t.

                Java "Oh for a shop like that!" phile
                That's what I thought. A bit like restoring a Trabant.


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                  Whether it works well or not...

                  I appreciate the skill and dedication needed to reclaim this grinder to such an amazing standard. I enjoyed being able to witness this.

                  Thanks for the clip, Marc1.


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                    Hhhhmmmm....I'm afraid my comment is being taken far more harshly than anything I intended. The grinding ability bit was said with tongue firmly in cheek!

                    As most who have known me for very long at all learned early on is that I have a very high affinity for things Bright & Shiny. The craftsmanship and attention to detail (With the exception of those burrs! ) is a sight to see for the inner magpie in all of us.

                    Java "But does it blend?!? " phile
                    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                      Hmmmm! nice workmanship, but all pretty pointless.

                      Had it been restored to the point of being able to function as a coffee grinder, perhaps, as it is its simply a dust collector.

                      Heaps of these older style grinders around for not a lot of money.


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                        In this forum, most of us have a common interest that is all things coffee however we're all individual and very often different (and entitled to an opinion of course).
                        Some of us are more practical, creative, talented than others which is what makes this forum such a great place.
                        This restoration is a truly remarkable demonstration of one's skillful ability, motivation, determination, persistence and eye for detail which I'm confident that not many individuals are even capable of shooting the video as good as he did let alone attempt a restoration of any kind.
                        I'm sure the intention of this restoration was not produce a practical coffee grinder, but rather to create an inspiring beautiful work of art to appreciate which technically does still work as demonstrated.
                        Imagine what this guy could do with an antique coffee machine, car or motorcycle?
                        I take my hat off to this guy, keep up the beautiful work.
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                          Thank you for the compliments but that work is not mine ... thought it was rather obvious. My hands are not manicured.

                          Ok, so the guy restored with amazing precision an old beaten up useless coffee grinder back to better than new.
                          Was his purpose to transform a hand driven old grinder into something that can compete with a Victoria Arduino Mythos One ?
                          Surely not.
                          But I liked his work and thought you would too.
                          And I am sure the grinder would do a good job for a plunger.