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  • Grinder upgrade

    I am still relatively new to the coffee scene and I wanted to get a few opinions about upgrading grinders.

    At home I have a domobar super and anfim best grinder which I thought was doing a bloody good job.

    Then I thought my office/work space could do with a better grinder (also running a super)

    I tried the next grinder at home which is a macap mxk and I couldn't believe the taste from the pull.

    My question is I am looking to upgrade the anfim at home to an electronic but conical burrs and relatively small so it fits in my space.

    Was thinking mazzer mini E but I think I would like to upgrade to something a bit gruntier and bigger burrs as this will be the only upgrade for at home.

    I dont think I can go back after using the mxk it is a good machine and low grinding speed is a must.

    Any suggestions would be great.


    Ak Nz

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    Suggest you look at the Niche Zero. Asthetics (to me) are questionable but if you want a small footprint, large conical burr grinder that doesn’t stand out like the Empire State there aren’t many (if any) that tick the boxes. I went from the Macap M4D and while its looks don’t excite me the important bit (the coffee) does. Good luck with the search.



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      Agree, if you are looking for a home machine the NZ ticks all the boxes, even boxes the older larger grinders don't know about. It has the same conical burrs as the Kona, but drives them with gears to reduce the speed without losing power. It has a 'direct fall through' design that allows for negligible grind retention. It is solid as a tank and reasonably quiet.

      It wouldn't work as a high volume cafe grinder, but for home it's simply unbeatable once you get over the sticker shock, and you are looking at as high or higher prices already with the semi-industrial stuff you mentioned. If mine suddenly vanished I would immediately get another.


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        Thanks for responding. The niche is not really my cup of tea to be honest. I have just been reading about the macap M4D and they look quite good.
        Would love something that looks good with my domobar super hence why I paired it with an anfim best originally.


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          There’s a nice macap M4D on sales page right now for $600, that’s a steal.

          Sorry it’s actually sold for $450!!
          Last edited by Ardent; 22 April 2019, 07:19 PM. Reason: Found out grinder is sold


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            Looked at the Eureka Mignon range? I have the Specialita and love it. Was originally going to get the Atom, but much prefer the look/size of this. Compliments the Pro 500 beautifully, solid little grinder at a reasonable price.


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              I have a Eureka Mignon as the backup grinder for the winery and wouldn't recommend it as an upgrade to anything this side of a Breville. Decent entry level grinder, no more.


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                I ended up purchasing a eureka Specialita, I just couldn't deal with the size of the atom and the fausto.

                After seeing the improvements In distribution compared to the previous mignon along with the quietness and size I was sold.