I am using a K30 at home that I bought on ebay about 2 years ago. I replaced the burrs myself back then as well as the Silicone flapper.
I made a tool to set the 0 (just a smidgeon away from burrs touching each other).

From the get go I thought that the grinder produced more clumps and mess than what I observed watching youtube videos of its use and reviews. I just put up with it and used it like that.

This weekend I thought it was time for a clean so I disassembled the grinder and cleaned the chamber etc. I re-calibrated the 0 position and pulled some shots and noticed again that the grinder seems messy to me. (spending some time with it made me think about it a bit I guess)

It could be that this is just how they operate but I thought I might as well take the time to ask some questions:

  • Does the K30 in your experience spray coffee onto the holding rim piece (see photo, after 2 shots) and produce clumps? (current burrs have done about 70kg)
  • The other thing I wonder is, does your adjustment paddle sit about a 1.6 for espresso? I use 18gr VST basket in my Pro700 and do not underdose, after the re-calibration and dialing in I end up again at below 2 to get to 25sec extractions.


Thanks for your input guys