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Rocket Fausto - grinds under the screen

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  • Rocket Fausto - grinds under the screen

    As you can see some grinds have appeared under the screen which is not uncommon for this grinder. I've watched a video of how to clean it but how often is this likely to happen?
    Have any other uses had this problem and cleaned it?

    Click image for larger version

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    This video helped me greatly. It became easier once I was able to gain access to the screen. For those Fausto owners interested watch the video and read the attached comment. I hope this helps someone


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      Good find. By the looks of that you could get something to stop the grounds getting in the top of the screen. Some adhesive foam (hardware shops have it for keeping air and noise out of shut doors). Just be careful not to put any pressure on the screen or circuit board by squashing foam in under it and screwing it down. You'd be better to stick it along the sides of the board to block the side holes.


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        Yes it is a design fault for such an expensive grinder and adding some sort of foam sealer is a good idea although since cleaning the screen I haven't noticed any grinds after making about 10 coffees so I might leave it for a while. What's interesting is when I took off the lid I noticed the funnel is in two separate sections with a stainless steel plate dividing the two. The top section houses the circuitry and the bottom section is where the coffee comes out and unlike the Mazzer mini which is a completely open funnel you can't get inside it to clean the section that dispenses the coffee. You can put a bottle brush in from the bottom but its not as easy as the Mazzer. Given those two separate sections I am amazed on how stray grinds can make make their way to under the screen. It still is a great grinder and I would buy another in a heart beat but I'm just a little disappointed that a top of the line grinder has such a simple design fault. Maybe other Fausto users haven't had this problem but that video has shown me that it is occurring but I don't know how often. We'll wait and see


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          My Fausto has about 300 shots on it so far with no grounds under the screen. Maybe they revised the design on the later models, mine is about 6 months old.


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            I have had mine for 3 years and over 2000 shots, I have not had this problem. I would take it back to the seller for repair or replacement.