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What do we know about the Slingshot

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  • What do we know about the Slingshot

    A video showing a new grinder turned up on my YouTube feed last night. It’s called the Slingshot and uses a completely new method of dosing that I haven’t seen before.

    Does anyone know much about it?

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    First important fact is that it was developed in Australia!


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      Not another one

      Will probably appeal to the nerds, seems we see a new nirvana of grinders foisted on us every few months.

      With lots of electronics, belt drive and a geared adjuster I can see repairers getting plenty of work.

      At US$1500 to $2000 it wont be cheap in Aust, I can see a retail of A$2500 to $3000.

      I can see the time fast approaching when you wont get any change from $15000 for a top of the range home espresso machine and grinder.

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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        We're in a world of refinement now, if you can afford it. Most of us aren't in that aimed for niche.


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          I don’t think this is particularly new. I’m sure it was at MICE 2018.


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            Originally posted by LeroyC View Post
            I don’t think this is particularly new. I’m sure it was at MICE 2018.
            Was that a preproduction prototype or were they selling them?


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              I saw it at MICE 2019 and chatted with the fellow about it, it seriously looks amazing and performs exceptionally. I can't remember the exact mechanism, but it sort of pre-prepares a dose, and doses in an incredibly accurate and what seems to be a perfectly distributed way, and also has a timer on there for how long you've had that ground dose sitting in there. Hard to explain, and there are many more features, but seeing it in operation was something special. Definitely seems more aimed at commercial/cafe settings, and is super efficient.

              The pic I got of it:


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                I could only find one crappy video on YouTube, is there more content about it?

                Sounds great, I love that it's Aussie.


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                  Looks interesting, and well executed (in dispensing at least). I'm curious how much difference it would make when you're just pumping out the shots. Surely it's already the number of groups limiting the rate of shots rather than the grinder? Most cafes have grinders that will grind the dose in 10s or usually less, by the time you've tamped, wiped and locked in you'll be at no more than 20s. Still well under the 30s the shot will pour for before you need to do it again. With something like a Robur and Puqpress you can keep a 3 group machine busy with just one grinder.