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  • Precision GS1 Filter Grinder

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a new grinder for home use. I drink 1-2 cups of V60 filter every day. I've been considering a Comandante but as I've never used a hand grinder I'm worried that hand cranking would become a chore (I'm not a happy camper in the morning!).

    Has anyone seen or used the Precision GS1 filter grinder? I can't see much info available online...

    Any feedback would be great.


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    At Pourover grind level a hand grinder is really not much work and my Lido E churns through a 30gm dose quickly (well under a minute), I grind while I heat up my mug or boil the kettle.
    if you want a Lido 3 variant (E, ET or 3) you can find them for mid $200 if you look. Coffee Parts has them on sale along with an ex site sponsor.


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      Agree with mb21’s thoughts. Hand grinding for pour over is not hard. I make one v60 a day in the afternoon and it rarely disappoints. I boil the kettle then start grinding and I’m done in about 30 seconds for pour over, well before the kettle boils. I use a rosco hand grinder (not the mini). It is built like a tank and should see me out. I don’t recommend it for travel though as it is heavy, doesn’t have a case and the brass can bend in your suitcase. Cranking force is definitely reduced for pour over vs espresso. Grinding for espresso is harder to turn and takes about 50 seconds. Grinding back to back espresso is just not that fun unless you’re after a work out. Grind quality is excellent though for both espresso and filter. I just wished it had numbers on the scale so it would be visually easier to go between settings. I haven’t used the commandante but it seems to be gathering momentum as a very good grinder - if you have the money you probably wouldn’t regret it and if you do I’m sure someone would buy it from you in the used section if you decide it’s not for you.


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        Thanks for the answers guys. I think I'm nearly convinced to try the Comandante... I use the 40:60 method most of the time and this requires quite a course grind, maybe the hand grind might not be so bad.