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Upgrade from Porlex for filter?

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  • Upgrade from Porlex for filter?

    Hey guys,

    I am currently using a Porlex for completely V60 and Aeropress.

    At the moment I generally;

    grind a single V60 to drink before work
    pre grind twice for Aeropress and put into air lock containers for the work day (at 5-5:30am, no one wants to do this on a Porlex..)
    Of an afternoon/evening 1-2 V60 back at home.

    So, I'm wanting to upgrade grinder to take my filter up a level and honestly to make the grinding a little less tedious. From all my research a premium hand grinder is still a better option than automatic at <$300 ?

    Originally had a budget of $250 and was looking at the Lido 3, I've done a bit of reading and now contemplating the C40 or stainless Kanso Hiku? (I don't mind the extra if it's justifiable)

    Am I on the right track? Is there anything else I should consider? This is only for filter, extremely unlikely to need to grind for espresso at any point.


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    If thinking of the lido, I'd still get the espresso grinder. To adjust our to filter it still only 1.5 turns out, and once you are there, you are set.
    They are a big grinder, but really fast even at espresso settings, I can't think how easy/fast it would be out at filter settings.

    I have no experience with any other hand grinders at that price point


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      I definitely considered the Lido E or ET for the adjustability but read a few things all about espresso so went back to the Lido 3 thinking the E’s were unnecessary..

      I’m not too worried about the size, I am open to an automatic as well if it makes sense at the price, and as inconsistent as it can be I’ll keep the Porlex as a travel option.


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        Having just upgraded to an HG1 I have a Lido 3 available. PM me if interested.