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La Marzocco Vulcano Swift Hopper options and ideas

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  • La Marzocco Vulcano Swift Hopper options and ideas

    Hi Snobs.... Umm I lost my mind and bought something insane that I don't need and really can't afford to keep but it was really shiny and the price was too good to pass up.

    Click image for larger version

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    So I'll be honest I bought this knowing at the price I got it for I'll be able to sell it for a profit it's way more machine than I'll ever need (It wont be advertised on this forum due to the rules it will probably end up on Ebay) as you can see from the photos this thing is near new I got it from a lady who bought it for a Café that never happened I've seen the original invoice so I know it's not stolen.

    As per the title of the thread she lost the hopper during a move now it's possible to get a new one from La Marzocco but it's a $600 + price tag and that's without a lid. Doe's anyone have any ideas for a different hopper that might fit? Or even someone that could make a custom stainless steel one?

    On that do any of you guys have an idea of market value for this machine?

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    Tough one. I had hoped someone might have had a custom hopper made at some point. Oh well might be time to bite the bullet and buy the $680 hopper.


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      The only other thing to do is to get the right OD piece of aluminium or plastic pipe and use it as a tall thin hopper, there are a few people who have done that on other grinders. Looking at the design of the standard hopper for your grinder I can't tell if you need part of the hopper to engage with the top of the grinder in some way other than to feed beans in the neck, it's a complicated hopper design that's for sure!


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        I must say this idea hadn't crossed my mind it's a pretty straight forward idea I could easily 3D print a lid for that. I was thinking of getting a custom made stainless steel unit built or trying to find someone that can blow glass or the likes. To answer the question though other then feeding beans into the grinder the hopper must have a little plastic bit that slips into a safety switch which I imagine won't be to had to bypass. I have a feeling it will need the genuine parts to give it any commercial value I mean I could keep it for a little while and see how it works out but it's massive overkill for my needs but most certainly an impressive machine.


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          If your search Google images for "grinder hopper clear plastic tube" you'll find a few ideas


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            I'm not sure my wife will be happy with the bench space this thing is going to take up but I'm going to put it into service for a bit. I'll start out with the clear tube idea hopefully I can find something easy enough tomorrow but I've also gone out and ordered some food safe 3D filament in black and clear I'm going to have a go and printing one and see what it comes up like, it will be much easier to design and take measurements from when it's in the kitchen. I'm very interested to see what it's like to use and what sort of results it gets at over 5k retail I've got high hopes.


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              Few hoppers for sale on here, maybe you can adapt a collar to suit if it's a different diameter


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                What is the big standy up bit for?


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                  It's related to the dosing mechanism. This grinder has a unique way of dosing consistently, I don't understand it fully but it's different. I feel like it's like a motorised doser. It also tamps for you. You lock in a LM portafilter like a group head, it grinds, doses and tamps. You remove and lock in machine and pull shot. I'd say it has a fair bit of retention as you need to purge 3x double shots after changing the grind.

                  I think the dosing and tamping mechanism is a large part of the price difference to whatever Mazzer this is based on.


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                    It might all be a bit irrelevant now as it looks like I may have this machine sold which was always my intent even if not for as much as I thought I could get. It's a shame because I was looking forward to mucking about with it and I already received the 3D Filament. Anyway Ninja is right the portafilter fits into the bottom of the tower although they say LM I can't see any reason why any E61 portafilter wouldn't work.

                    That big Tower is the reason why a round hopper wont work as the standard hopper has a sort of notch so it fits. Anyway the good news if it gets picked up tomorrow I can by myself something much more suitable for home use and I'm kind of eyeing off the Sette 720wi

                    I got this thing set up on the bench so it can be inspected by the buyer tomorrow. Just thought I'd give you guys a bit of an idea of the size of it. Yes I know my little grinder needs a clean.
                    Click image for larger version

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                      Holy crap, that's a big grinder


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                        Hoggy, pull the cover off the doser and do a video overview of how it works. Nothing on YouTube explains how it works.
                        My curiosity is piqued

                        That tower of chrome hides something that may be magic


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                          Guys I'd love to. Unfortunately I'm at work and the guy is due to look at it when I get home. Is all I know is there is a big impeller down the middle of it... Looks the the coffee is feed down a worm drive type system I'm not really sure how it tamps. If I can before this guy comes for the machine I'll take a photo of the impeller for you.


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                            Well this amazing grinder has gone off to a new home for a use more in line with it's design. I was looking forward to having a play but it's gone pretty much broke even on this one but that's how it goes.

                            I would have liked to have taken it apart a bit for some photos but didn't have time I did get a photo of the impeller Click image for larger version

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                            Now just to get a new grinder for myself.


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                              My mind boggles at the engineering inside there. Im thinking a screw turns axially to dispense grinds, a knife gate to start/stop and level the dose, and a rack and pinion to do the tamping.
                              Still seems really tall to hold all that but only 3 shots of retention overall.