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Best cheap grinder for Breville EM7000

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  • Best cheap grinder for Breville EM7000

    Hi all.

    Edit: sorry, it's Sunbeam EM7000!

    I have sadly been using a herb grinder to grind up my beans and I recently got a pouch of preground coffee and compared to my herb grinder style the coffee is that much better haha.

    I have seen three coffee grinders that are easily locatable near me. Tho eBay is easy enough for me to purchase other models.

    $90 Sunbeam conical burr grinder
    $150 Breville the Dose control pro Burr
    $190 Breville the Smart Grinder Pro

    As you can see, I don't wanna spend too much.
    Obviously any of these would be a huge step up from my herb grinder.

    Can you let me know of there is anything else I should look for in similar price range.

    Would the more expensive models be worth the extra money?

    Or if you have alternative models for my consideration..

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    The Breville BCG820 can be had for that money new when it's on sale, which they should be around now. It would be my recommendation out of that bunch. The Sunbeam could be hit or miss, or almost entirely miss depending on what model it is. The dose control aren't as adjustable as the 820 despite their claim to be the same thing without the screen.


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      E.g. if you go on eBay at the moment and search BCG820, the cheapest one is being sold by Myer and with the 5% off code can arrive at your house for $181.50.


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        Assuming you are not making more than 3-4 coffees a day, I would suggest a quality hand grinder. You will be able to get the grind quality needed, with no retention.
        Bonus points for not having to worry about bench space or it breaking down.