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Motor replacement for BCG600SIL Breville Grinder

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  • Motor replacement for BCG600SIL Breville Grinder

    My grinder has been bogging down lately, and before I knew about the impellar replacement option, I just kep switching it off and on again.

    Two days ago I heard a small pop and now it wont spin at all, so Im presuming the motor is blown.

    Before I spend the time to open it all up, is there a replcement motor avaliable? Even a generic one would be fine.

    I will then 3d print the impellar at the same time I do the motor.


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    What makes your think the motor is blown? It could just be the capacitor or some sort of gear mechanism. If the capacitor is completely open circuit the motor will be completely unable to move (it will be as though you disconnected one wire). I think it's worth a look. I would assume the motor assembly is available from Breville, but it will be the bulk of the cost of a new grinder. Capacitors are relatively cheap and readily available.


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      No internal parts are available for these grinders, you would need to salvage parts from another grinder.

      I'd suspect a problem on the power board rather than the motor as the motors are generally quite reliable in my experience. Given the lack of parts availability, a new grinder would honestly be a better option.