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Burrs on Porlex Mini Grinder

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  • Burrs on Porlex Mini Grinder

    Hi all,

    I'm Chris...avid coffee by the coffee, die by the coffee!

    I've been using a Porlex Mini over the last 2.5 months. I have been grinding approx. 48 - 64 grams of coffee each day for the last 2.5 months and I noticed that my inner burr had completely cracked into 2 parts. Basically it needs to be replaced.

    I was wondering if anyone knows:

    How often the burrs need to be replaced?
    What may cause the burrs to completely crack?
    What is the best way to maintain ceramic burrs to get the best out of them?

    In saying this, the unit was performing well prior to the crack.

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    You can get the inner burr for around $20 and the inner and outer burr set for under $50.

    But I'd be putting that money towards a Precision Hand Grinder. For $100 you'll get steel burrs, a much faster grind and more even particle size distribution. They have received a number of favourable comments from members of this forum.


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      +1 for the precision.
      I hear that alternative brewing will be stocking them shortly (end of month?). May pay to message them...
      In nearly out to aeropress grind at near 2 full turns out (this would grind for espresso I think, if it had more setting clicks)
      I'd say it holds only 19g in the hopper. But grinds this in 90 turns of the handle.

      Your amount of grinding in a porlex sounds a bit painful.
      I have just got the precision, and am about to donate the outgoing porlex, but not sure I want to subject another to the pain...

      I think we need a precision review thread.


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        Yes- Definitely Precision.

        Best hand grinder IMHO <$200 and holds its own on grind quality with the biggies.

        Had what was probably the best french press coffee I have had in the last 10 years yesterday. 3 days post roast and made by a family member who ground about 50g, chucked it in, added water just off the boil and gave it a stir.

        The Precision has become my small traveller of choice and the grind quality is every bit as good as the big hand grinders at 3-4x the price. For the extra $30-40 over the price of the cheapies, it's a no brainer and it will last.