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Mazzer Mini broken

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  • Mazzer Mini broken

    Hello CSers

    I hope I can get some advice re my Mazzer Mini Manual. The dose lever is not moving anything!
    I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that the lever would be hard to move occasionally then go back to normal. Now the lever is moving freely but seems to be disengaged from the coffee dispenser completely.
    Before I start unscrewing things I am wondering whether this is an easy fix or whether I need help?

    Thanks, Geoff.

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    If it’s just the doser that’s cactus, it might be time to do the ghetto doserless conversion.

    Guides available on google, and I think some of our members here have done it too.


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      What herzog said.
      I never use a doser, too much cleaning


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        I may be getting my words wrong because I don't know the names of the parts well. What is happening is that after I have ground the beans and the coffee is in the dispenser (or whatever it's called), the lever to turn this so that coffee comes into the handle, is now not turning anything, so coffee can't come out.


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          Your terminology is ok.

          Google “mazzer mini doserless conversion”.

          I’m not going to post direct links as the mods here are going to delete them.

          So you’ll need to google it


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            I probably should have done a bit of research first. It seems like the problem will be a broken doser return spring (although haven't yet confirmed). Does anyone know where I can get a new spring?


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              yea would be the spring, the doser is easy to pull apart and check.
              can order the spring from one of the sponsors here, coffee parts



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                Thanks Herzog.
                I have now seen the doserless conversion option and understand what you mean. For now, I will try and fix doser lever first.


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                  Thanks JohnA.
                  I will pull apart and check now.


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                    I'm not sure it would be the spring, mine had a broken spring and it would still function (as in it would still turn the doser) I just had to manually push the lever back instead of it flicking back itself. You mentioned it's disengaged completely so sounds like it might be something else (if it's not turning at all in either direction?). I can check with mine later today, I have the doser off already as I have done a doserless mod.


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                      Problem now fixed.
                      I pulled doser apart. Doser lever spring was a bit wonky but still working. Problem was that the doser prong was out of alignment and not engaging the notches, so nothing was turning. Once re-aligned, all good (for now).
                      I'm sure this came about because I have been easing the doser lever back rather than just letting go, trying to guide coffee flow into handle. Need to get out of this habit.
                      Thanks for comments.