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Breville BCG820 - Bargain

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  • Breville BCG820 - Bargain

    If anyone is interested Myer (flEaBay store) have the BCG820 for $190 less 20% ($152) with code PMYMY.

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    What’s the consensus on this grinder? Do we like it because it’s cheap


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      It's about the bare minimum "ok" grinder. Has some good features (timed dosing, almost no spillage, repeatable numbers so you can switch between grind settings with relative ease, small footprint, can do plunger to espresso range) but the grind quality isn't amazing, it clumps quite a bit at espresso settings and the timer delivers inconsistent amounts of coffee (+/-5% anyone). If you're happy with some inconsistencies or going to weigh every dose it's hard to beat for this money ($150-200). If your budget can go a bit further (~$300) a Lido hand grinder will knock it out of the park.

      I've had one for about 5 years, relegated to filter, cold brew, and decaf for the last 2 years, about to be relegated to the back of the cupboard or possibly to the office. It's been very reliable and "consistent."


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        Ah ok thanks for that


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          Harvey Norman, Myer and Amazon have it for that price too. It's as high as $269 to $299 in other large retailers.


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            Thanks for the heads up glint! Perfect timing; saved some valuable $$.