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  • Compak k3t mods

    I picked up one of these the other day. It's now stripped down on kitchen bench getting thorough clean out. The grinds jam up under the burrs and under the bottom burr plate. They get in everywhere!
    Im going to do the Matt perger burr alignment with the foil under the burrs, and thinking about some felt on the burr holder arms to wipe it cleaner (not sure how long it would stay in place..).
    There is also a plastic flap thing at the top of the chute. Im expecting we remove these...
    Also going to give the chute a bit of a smoothing, and wax the plastic slide.

    Im using a lido 2e presently, looking to single dose the k3t and minimise retention.

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    The flap under the chute helps the grinds exit "cleanly", without it they grinds tend to spray.

    I used one of these grinders in the past for single dosing, worked quite well.

    You might find that the grinds under the lower burr are just packed up grinds and just sit there, essentially creating a smaller chamber for the "active" grinds to fly through.

    The biggest retention will be in the chute and behind the flap. A couple of seconds of initial "waste" grinds will get rid of most of these if you are keen.