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Porlex not grinding fine enough?

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  • Porlex not grinding fine enough?

    Hi all,

    I got a porlex tall for work to brew pour over using a V60. I've found it doesn't grind fine enough - I'm wondering if I have ended up with a faulty grinder. I have dialled it to 1 click to only just get a suitable outcome.

    I use 24g coffee to 400g of water - looking for a 2.5 - 3.5 min brew time (including a 30 sec bloom). No issues getting this using my Niche Zero, however when using the porlex, I started off going off the recommended setting of around 7-9 for pour over and was way way too coarse with a very short brew time with sour coffee. Have reduced from there and have started to hit around 2min 45s using 1 click.

    Is this normal? If so, doesn't this make it useless for espresso as it wouldn't be able to go anywhere near fine enough?

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    it is useless for automatic espresso. It could still work for manual espresso and certainly moka pot.

    Have you compared the grinds from the Niche to the Porlex to see if they're similar? - I would suspect still a difference in the pour times, even if the grind size are similar.. the Niche will have a better particle size distribution - resulting in a more consistent flow and time.

    If you can't go any finer with Porlex, you'll have to adjust another parameter with your brewing to increase extraction. I'd suggest water temperature and pour rate. Possibly throw an extra stir or two in there as well.

    Regarding the Porlex issue - try removing the burrs completely giving everything a nice wipe down and placing it all back together - sought of turning it off and on again style - I discovered can help.


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      I can confirm that even at finest setting (1 click) it takes around 16-18 seconds for 17g of ground coffee to be extracted. That is on my EM4300.

      That's before we get to the fact that it takes around 5 minutes to grind the damn thing in the first place!

      I've pretty much given up on it now and saving for a decent electric grinder.


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        Honestly, with the advent of the steel burr Precision grinder at circa $100-$140 depending on how big you want it to be, I seriously wonder why anyone would bother buying one of these ceramic burr cheapies for a potential saving of $30-40. They are comprehensively outclassed.


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          I originally bought the small Porlex as a combo with my Aeropress. A small factor of both allowed me to enjoy a fresh brew on my interstate trips.

          As long as you don't try to grind anything finer than Aeropress, Porlex is great! It's just it isn't really suitable for espresso. I mean, you can still get a decent shot but it's a pain in the arse.


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            Can highly recommend the Aergrind by Knock. So much better quality both in construction and grind than the Porlex and still small enough to store inside the Aeropress.


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              As well as the Aergrind there is also now an Aerspeed at a slightly lower price point. Same external dimensions but more aggressive burr that is claimed to reduce grind time by 25%. The burrs are not coated as are those in the Aergrind. The Aerspeed is aimed more at filter grind.