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EM0480 Coarse grid after cleaning

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  • EM0480 Coarse grid after cleaning

    I have a EM0480 grinder thats about 18 months old. Only grind 2-3 double shots a day.

    This morning, even though it was grinding just fine for my EM7000, I thought I should give it a clean.

    Cleaned as per manual, reassembled, and not the finest grind in super coarse.

    Tried numerous times dis/re/assembly

    What have I done wrong?

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    Have you checked the nut holding the bottom bur
    I had a similar situation only it went finer , and i believe mine was not assembled properly from the factory.


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      Thanks Ross, the nut turns when I try to tighten it. How do I 'lock' it so i can tighten?


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        If its loose take the nut of and remove the bur and clean everything carfull not to loose washers ect , you can see where the shims go for future reference, to tighten the nut i have plyers with soft covered handles that i jam up aginst the burs and tighten up, just a nip is good , rememer the threat is opersert. Hope that make sense


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          I think I it sorted. Not in the f manual

          The top burr is threaded - and screws into the bottom of the grind adjustment ring.

          After a bit of trial and error I had the top burr screwed into the adjustment ring before I put it back onto the grinder.

          Tried a few test grinds and seems okay!