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Mazzer Mini with 3d Printed additions

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  • Mazzer Mini with 3d Printed additions

    Have newish Mazzer Mini and going thru my favourite 3d file site Thingiverse, found a few mods for the Mini
    So far Ive printed a doser centre 'egg' for then grinds come out it redirects them down to the outer pies, works brilliantly,
    Then a centre feeder for the exit chute so no matter how hard you flick the doser, yeah I like dosers, it centres the grinds to the centre of the pf, nice!
    Then added a thumb latch for the doser flicker, nice again!

    Pics below I can direct to the website, its not a paid for thing, its free to all under creative commons licence which I flicked the designer some dosh to say thanks for sharing,
    These are rough prints to see if it works, so I might reprint at a finer resolution

    Steve "I can print things" Sullo's
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    then printed a doser funnel, which after seeing another post I might remake and turn one from timber on the lathe!
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      Handy things, 3D printers...

      Well done mate.



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        Mods will have to advise if Im allowed to link to the files being not site sponsored or anything?


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          Send a quick message to Javaphile mate, best bet...



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            Originally posted by Dimal View Post
            Send a quick message to Javaphile mate, best bet...

            I beat him to the punch and sent him a PM in answer to his question first.

            Java "Quick draw" phile
            Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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              Oooooh. So cool - particularly the one that centres the grind into the PF!

              And if it was not enough to have a coffee equipment habit, now going to have to get a 3D printer!


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                Mazzer make bulletproof great performing grinders.

                The dosers though were never designed properly and throw left as everyone who has owned one knows.

                I discovered a highly technical fix done on later Robur a extra screw hole so you can move the portalilter holder further to the left.

                I removed the foil dosing funnel and this fix is 90% effective with only very small amounts escaping.

                I like your mods to fix what Mazzer hasn’t!


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                  Lelit Portafilter funnel for the Sette 270


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                    58mm generic portafilter funnel, this one fits breville 58 perfect and I use it also for the sunbeam em7000 the grimac Mia an the nuova simolnelli

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                      Mazzer mini doser egg as pictured above
                      Doser chute
                      Internal chute

                      Obviously youd need a 3d printer, or know someone that has one, and yes Im printing all the time!

                      Will print for beans!!! nah gotta be something I can do one day for this group?

                      All my collected things on thingiverse for coffee related


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                        Might do that too, and save the mess


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                          This is a single dose inlet funnel to replace the overly large original.
                          It also has a matching lid to stop beans bouncing out.
                          3D printed as per additions above.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	9E1E8828-218D-4EB4-A16C-F9C7A72DDA77.jpg
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