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Electronic Grinders - Consistency of dose weight for a given grind time

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  • Electronic Grinders - Consistency of dose weight for a given grind time

    Hi All,

    So i’ve recently purchased a Eureka Olympus 75e. Loving everything about it, however I’m curious to know everyone else’s experience with setting grind times and actually achieving the same weight or close to it every time?

    Grind time is 5.10 secs at the moment and the last couple of mornings I’m getting 20.3 and then 19.7 all of which I’m happy with. I accept that in such a short grind time to be working 0.5g of your target is generally pretty good especially as the beans deplete from the hopper.

    Decided to make a coffee tonight and it’s quite humid and hot from the day and timed dose ending up weighing around 21.2g. Just curious if everyone else experiences similar variances with decent ambient temp/humidity changes. Appreciate extraction times and grind settings would be affected but my brain is trying to understand how the grind weight for a given time is also impacted?!??

    One thing i will say is that regardless of varying grind weights the shot consistency is amazing 😁😁 in terms of extraction time and yield in grams, even with temperature and humidity changes.

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    Yes. It seems to be an issue with Eureka grinders ( and possibly others with timed dosing).
    My Atom 65 was inconsistent in dose until I had put about 750g - 1kg of beans through it.
    Im not sure exactly what causes it, however I suspect it is all the nooks and crannies inside the grind chamber filling with grinds. During each use sometimes a small amount of grinds stay inside, sometimes they don’t.

    Consistency comes when the grind chamber becomes essentially fixed in size and the new grinds move through the chamber without obstruction.

    Ive come to live with the variation in dose, as you have, as a small trade off for the beautiful output from the grinder delivering consistently excellent coffee in the cup.

    Id recommend Eureka to anyone on this alone.


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      I have Eureka Mignon Specialita.
      It's a small grinder with small hopper.
      I drink single shots. So I grind 7g. I keep checking the weight all the time. It is pretty consistent ~0.2g variations most of the time. But sometimes (not often) I am getting ~0.6.

      My observations so far:

      - when I change beans smaller beans produces more ground coffee during the same grinding time. My guess when beans are smaller more of them can get into the burr at the same time. And probably they can "slide" under the "umbrella" faster.
      It means if beans size is less consistent the weigh output will be less consistent too.

      - if I put more beans into hopper I get 0.2-0.3g less ground coffee during the same grinding time.. Probably extra wight "slows down" beans in the hopper - there is a little "umbrella" in the bottom of the hopper. So bean have to "slide" under the "umbrella" - I guess extra weight slows them down.