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  • New Grinder Required

    Hi All,

    Newbie around here so apologies if this has already been covered.

    I have managed to get my hands on an Izzo Alex Duetto 11 second hand (provided it gets the tick of approval from a coffee machine repairer/service agent) and am now looking for a grinder to pair it with. So was hoping for some advice on the best option from the following choices;
    Breville Smart Grinder, brand new - $200.00
    Rancilio Rocky, second hand - $379.00
    Isomac Professionale or Lelit PL43MMI - $349.00
    Lelit PL44MMT second hand - $429.00

    Any thoughts or opinions would be great

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    IMHO the grinder is more important than the espresso machine.
    Get the best quality grinder you can afford. A good grinder will last a lifetime.


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      The choices are all good except the Breville. I would give it a miss. The Rocky is iconic and can do espresso or filter and switch between easily. I had one for 12 years and it never missed a beat.


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        Add a few more into your search (and I think there are few for sale on here);

        Compak K3 Touch/Advanced
        Mazzer Mini
        Macap M2M/M2D

        As others have said the Breville Smart Grinder is not quite up to scratch for an E61 machine. You would be better off going for your other choices.


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          There are a couple of K3 & M2 for sale at the moment for good prices


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            second the mazzer mini
            haven't had the sette long enough to recommend it but I do like it, is in use every morning
            breville youll be replacing before long, I know I have two


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              keep an eye out and you will find a mazzer super jolly going for about $400 2nd hand and will last a life time


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                Thanks all, found myself a good condition macap m2m right here in Launceston ��