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Eureka Zenith Club E issues

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  • Eureka Zenith Club E issues

    I'm having issues with my 2nd hand Eureka Zenith Club E.

    It wouldn't grind fine enough, and once past a certain point the pucks will be basically mud.

    So I bought a new set of burrs for it, but it still takes way too long to grind, 20sec for 18grams. And it is still not grinding fine enough.

    Any advice?

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    wound in far enough ? i dont know what one of these are but similar issue on a mazzer recently


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      Sloppy pucks could also be due to under dosing. You could try a looser grind with a 19 or 20 dose.

      How long have you had this grinder? Since you've owned it, had it been grinding faster than 20 seconds and producing solid pucks? If so, can you think what changed just before those symptoms?


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        Its new to me. I'm dosing according to the baskets (17g La Marzocco baskets, brand new). I usually dose exactly 17g, then adjust grind to achieve extraction speed.


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          Available versions – Electronic

          Stepless micrometric adjustment – Yes

          Bean hopper capacity – 1,2 kg

          Productivity (g/s) – 0,8 – 1,2
          According to the manufacturer's own data, it would seem that 18g in 20 seconds is in the ballpark...



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            Update: Seems like the new burrs need to be 'seasoned'. After wasting 1kg+ of coffee mucking around with pucks, extraction is bang on perfect now. Still slow though, unexpected for such a large commercial grinder.