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Rocket Fausto wont grind as if its blocked

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  • Rocket Fausto wont grind as if its blocked

    Hi everyone. My Rocket Fausto atleast twice a week seems to get blocked where the burrs are as if there is something stuck in it like a hard bean. This is painful because i have to dial my grinder out to a really course setting and then redial it back in to an espresso grind wasting beans. I checked the burrs and they are perfect and just got coffee machine serviced by cafe service here in adelaide and they had a look at grinder aswell.

    Any ideas. Is this happening to other people?


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    Are you adjusting the grinder while the motor is running? Adjusting while the motor is switched off can cause jams.


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      My Fausto sometimes has a dry run when the beans in the hopper are getting low. All I do is use the single dose button which is set to 2.5 sec. this seems to clear the chute. I have also just stirred the beans up which seems to work. I haven’t had this happen since I cleaned the grinder.