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Grind Consistency Flat vs Conical

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  • Grind Consistency Flat vs Conical

    I have an old 60mm flat burr grinder which I single dose with.
    The grind consistency is never as uniform as with my Lido 3 conical burr hand grinder.
    This is noticeable by visual inspection of grounds, channeling observed through naked portafilter, and taste in cup.
    The other day I put the hopper back on, loaded some beans, and noticed an immediate and significant improvement.

    My question is, do all flat burr grinders need pressure on the beans for uniform grind size?
    If so, you can never optimally single dose as you can never create pressure on ALL the beans being ground.
    I've seen people using weights above the beans but this stops before the grind chamber and the last 2-5g?? beans will have no pressure applied.

    Are conical burr grinders intrinsically better with no bean pressure or is this a design feature of lido / niche etc?
    Does bean pressure on conicals have any benefit?
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    Bean pressure on conicals still affects the grind output. Niche have added a disc with a small cutout to sit just above the burrs, this feeds the beans in at a more uniform rate, which results in a more uniform output. This is evidenced by some people having to adjust their settings a couple of dots finer after installing the disc. (Fewer fines mean lower setting required to get same flow rate.)

    Most larger grinders are designed with half full or more hoppers in mind. The Lido is designed from day one with a very small capacity. It's also a better quality grinder than a lot of electric grinders simply because it's a high-end grinder, even if it's a hand grinder and the size and lack of motor make it cheaper.

    Someone did a grind size distribution analysis a few years ago and determined that the way to get the most uniform particle spread is to throw one bean at a time into a grinder and wait until it has completely finished grinding before adding the next one.