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First Grindz and dial in on New Profitec Pro T64

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  • First Grindz and dial in on New Profitec Pro T64

    I have very recently upgraded from a 8 or 9 Year old Breville smart grinder to the T64.

    It may not be the creme of the crop, but fair due goes to the Breville espresso grinds for regular but light use over that period. Excepting adding a shim or two the machine did me proud, although the inner burrs were significantly worn and probably why i had started to get more variability in my shots than usual.

    I received the shiny new machine courtesy of site sponsor Jet Black espresso, and the transaction was smooth and swift.

    I Initially had a batch of Bean Bay's own Espresso WOW in the hopper, but poured more than a couple of gushers , despite adjusting the grind to be quite fine. Rather than waste perfectly good drinking beans , i switched out the WOW and substituted Woolies shelf Harris beans(quite dark roast) and decided to play with the feel of the adjustments, timing and dose using the less fancied bean. Well, probably 200grams later , i was getting 18 gms in 6.5 seconds into the portafilter and a very satisfying 27 second pour with reasonable crema and taste. ( actually pretty good coffee considering the beans)

    Now to get back to some nice beans! .The remaining WOW beans are at 10 days post roast, so I would have thought for a dark style bean they should be fairly stable, but any pointers appreciated - or do i move to something else and get a fresh batch of WOW in? ( i haven't previously used these beans)

    The espresso machine is a BDB with double basket( single wall), naked portafilter and a fairly standard 7 second ramp up to pressure (wetting of the puck)

    . Cheers Darryl