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Multigrinder Pro - Kogan (sub $100 delivered).

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  • Multigrinder Pro - Kogan (sub $100 delivered).

    After getting a heads-up in another thread (and reading a ridiculous comment about a $4500 grinder for aeropress) I wondered what a $89 burr grinder would be like so I bought one to see.

    This isn't as much a review, more a pictorial with some words and thoughts. I should also say upfront that I'm not a fan of Kogan, they really let me down one Christmas. It was years ago, yes, purchased a gift, it didn't arrive (that year) but was promised to land early December. They also love to spam you with offers.

    Ordering process was simple. No tracking unless you "become a member and get spam forever". It arrived in a few days which was on-time and must have actually come from Australian stock. Nice surprise.

    On spec it looks interesting.

    Kogan says:


    Grinds coffee, grains, nuts and spices
    Powerful 190W motor with conical burr grinder
    Burr grinding provides uniform grind and optimum flavour
    Removable bean hopper with built-in scale
    39 Grind sizes from extremely fine to coarse
    400g Hopper capacity – enough for 12 cups
    Intuitive LCD interface
    Automatic shut-off when grind cycle completes
    Easy to clean, stainless steel design
    Select from 39 precise grind sizes and let the powerful 190W motor of the Kogan Multigrinder Pro prepare delicious home-grown spices and grind your morning coffee beans to a fine or coarse consistency.


    Not sure (or care) how it goes as a spice, nut or grain grinder. Only interested in coffee here thanks.

    1 Unboxing:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro1.jpg
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    Okay, it comes in a box and has another box inside. Packing is European style cardboard not Styrofoam (which is nice). Instructions are a page (4 sides) and you get a brush and warranty note saying to keep the packing for possible future returns.

    2: The grinder

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro2.jpg
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    Looks good. Some thin stainless panels and lots of shiny plastic.

    3: Hopper removal

    Push down the button and twist the hopper. Simple tool-less removal.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro3.jpg
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    4: Under the hopper.

    There is a magic door that closes when the hopper is removed. You don't have to remember to slide a thingy, it just happens. That's cute.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro4.jpg
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    5: Hopper holds beans

    In the below pic, there is 260g of coffee. looks like you could nearly get 500g in there but per their spec, it should do 400g easily.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro5.jpg
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    6: The Burrs.

    Conical burrs with a simple lift handle and twist removal of the outer burr carrier.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro6.jpg
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ID:	753315

    7: Burr Size

    Before someone asks, it's 32mm odd and possibly the same as many other devices.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro7.jpg
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    8: Let's grind 10 grams!

    The grinder will grind in grams, ounces, cups (multiples of 7 grams) and manual into a group-handle or on the floor. It's designed to grind into the plastic bucket with a hole in it's lid.

    I set it to grind 10 grams and according to my other scales it ground 8.3g I did this 3 times for the exact same result. One of them is out but it really doesn't matter which. The Multigrinder was consistent and that's all you need to then make adjustments to taste.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro8.jpg
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    9: Let's grind 80 grams!

    Set to the middle of the range I ground 80g. Scales seemed to agree this time.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro9.jpg
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Size:	171.3 KB
ID:	753318

    10: What's it look like?

    In the middle adjustment it's quite coarse, something like drip or plunger I would say. Pretty even too if you compare it to grinders in a similar price range.
    A few obvious chunks which don't really hurt the cup and not too many fines.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro10.jpg
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      11: Double espresso shot size

      Set the grinder to it's finest and 14 grams. 14 grams on the Multigrinderpro, 14.3 on my scales. Really close and got the same reading twice.
      It appears to only struggle with the 8 gram grind, that's okay as I would rarely use that little in any brewing method.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro11a.jpg
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      12: What's the finest grind look like?

      Very even grind but not fine enough for Turkish, maybe okay for some espresso machines with a bigger dose.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro12a.jpg
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ID:	753321

      13: Portafilter direct

      Full and level direct into the portafilter (pre tamp) with a fairly standard E61 double basket weighed 17.2 grams. That's about right and it was a little messier than into the plastic container (as expected)

      Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro13a.jpg
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      14: The carton details

      My carton shows 188 of 500 (in this consignment) so that's not many. No idea how often Kogan get these made though.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro14a.jpg
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ID:	753323

      15: The plastic container

      Okay, I knew before trying this grinder that I wouldn't like the container much. I find all of these to be clumsy and messy and this one didn't surprise me.
      Static when grinding coffee sucks, all grinders suffer from it, some worse than others. The grinds you can see here are after inverting and tapping a few times. Interestingly, the lid mostly only attracted chaff. If you can live with the occasional rinse or just putting the lid on and ignoring it then you'll be fine.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	multigrinder-pro15a.jpg
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      Wrap up:

      Okay, so it was $98.98 delivered when I purchased on the 10th March 2020. Interestingly today 17th March 2020, just a week later its now showing $189 plus freight so oddly I had good timing and sadly you reading this have bad timing. I have no idea if Kogan often discount stuff or this was an introductory price but I bought this retail from their site.

      I own some very expensive commercial grinders (multiple Mazzer Robur, Volcano, Mahlkoning etc) and comparing it to them is like comparing a skateboard to a Pagani so lets instead see if this grinder has a place anywhere with some disjointed thoughts:

      It's fairly quiet.
      It could be used for espresso but you'll likely find it's not fine enough.
      Maybe it can be be hacked to be finer, I've not fiddled yet.
      It does a great job for plunger, filter, brewer.
      Accurate and repeatable.
      Bit messy.
      Low cost (even at the $189 if you have bad timing)
      Way better than buying pre-ground.
      Not fast, but you press a button and it grinds, when it stops it's ready.
      Easy to use.

      I've taken an old Mahlkoening K30 off the bench at home (circa $2000 secondhand) and put the ($99 new) Multigrinderpro there for a week doing only Brazen filter duties (not espresso). It's set for 75 grams and tipping from the plastic container into the Brazen basket with filter paper should neat enough. I suspect we could happily live with it but will update after all the family have made brews over this week.

      If your drinking instant or buying pre-ground STOP, buy one of these and get started in the right direction. When you outgrow it and lust for something bigger, heavier, prettier or shinier you can pass this on to someone else to stop them buying instant or pre-ground etc etc.

      Good value for what it is!


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        Thanks for that Andy, great review, certainly took one for the team! Was also curious about this $89 conical burr grinder, sounded fascinating!


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          Originally posted by Andy View Post
          6: The Burrs.

          Conical burrs with a simple lift handle and twist removal of the outer burr carrier.

          That's a direct knock off of the Breville smart grinder burr carrier.


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            Thanks Andy, interesting find. Agree with the earlier post that grinder shares a number of elements of design language with Breville so either has an official relationship or is a cheeky copy. At sub $100 that would be a great first grinder and would save about 50% off the usual ‘sale price’ for its breville smart grinder pro cousin. At the more recent price would probably stick to the breville.

            Would bet that the grind range could be easily adjusted in the same way that the Breville’s via adding shims until the desired grind range was achieved.


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              Interesting. Has some case over an Encore with built-in scales but you lose the benefits associated with how ubiquitous the encore is. Sounds like it really needs the discounted price to find a place as an ultra budget grinder for filters etc.
              Last edited by redrich2000; 20th March 2020, 03:13 PM.


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                Originally posted by redrich2000 View Post
                Interesting. Has some case over an Encore with built scales but you lose the benefits associated with how ubiquitous the encore is. Sounds like it really needs the discounted price to find a place as a ultra budget grinder for filters etc.
                The Encore also has really terrible particle size distribution. I’m not saying the Kogan is better, but it might be.


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                  Still $90 on Kogan NZ.


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                    I've just bought the Aldi $100 burr grinder as a gift for my daughter in a couple of weeks
                    I asked on whirlpool if anyone has bought one, and just got a response pointing to your review for this Kogan one.
                    Any thoughts on the benefits of this over the Aldi one?


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                      Originally posted by dotty View Post
                      I've just bought the Aldi $100 burr grinder as a gift for my daughter in a couple of weeks
                      I asked on whirlpool if anyone has bought one, and just got a response pointing to your review for this Kogan one.
                      Any thoughts on the benefits of this over the Aldi one?
                      I've only seen a picture of the Aldi one but it appears to have a manual button (not the same LCD screen) and doesn't grind by weight, which was the most interesting thing about the $89 Kogan grinder (which then became a $189.99 grinder). I expect the Aldi one will grind exactly the same and if I had to guess I would say its the exact same factory producing two different models, there is every chance you'll see it pop-up again with another OEM branding.

                      So, back to the Kogan.

                      A week later it's still showing as $189.99 plus freight and we have used it 30 odd times for filter duties at home.

                      My family love it for the Brazen, it's small and bench friendly, its always set to 75g and about the middle of the grind scale.

                      The LCD goes to sleep and first button press wakes it up, you then hit the "play" button and it grinds to your most recent settings which for us is 75g. If you turn it off at the power point after use you need to set the weight again so I suggest just leave it on, asleep and wake it when needed.

                      Coffee is consistent, easy and good. I can certainly taste the difference between the Kogan and the Mahlkoening but you would expect that!

                      I think this is staying on the bench and the big-lump of Mahlkoening K30 will revert to just doing espresso duties.

                      On a tight budget:

                      The Kogan dose by weight is good for: Filter - Drip - Aeropress - Plunger

                      For Espresso on a budget, look towards something like the Breville Dose Control Pro (rrp $219) but can be bought on special at Myer for $169 with free delivery and I assume other retailers will price match too.


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                        Thanks Andy


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                          Hi Andy! Thanks for the review - it is back on sale at Kogan today! I am tossing up between the Bodum Conical Burr Grinder and the Kogan Multigrinder. At the moment I only ever use my coffee for mokapots or Aeropress (not a very good coffee snob) but hoping to save up for an at home espresso machine one day.... any thoughts on deciding between these two? Bodum seems to be able to do a finer grind? Thank you!


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                            Haven't bought a Bodum but it looks pretty basic. The Kogan has a scale (which is the only reason I bought one to play with) and we only use it to grind to a weight.

                            Good time for a 2 month update.

                            The Multigrinder Pro is still on the bench at home and only used for Behmor Brazen filter duties.
                            It gets used at least twice a day (sometimes 3 or 4 during Covid lockdown and the teenagers home all day).

                            LIKES: Simple, one button press for 75g of coffee every time.
                            DISLIKE: static monster makes a mess (like all small grinders do). Improved a lot by grinding into a glass jar instead.

                            Back on Kogan at $100 it's a great value grinder for filter/plunger/moka pot duties, at $200 less so.


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                              Hey Andy,
                              thinking about buying the Sette 270wi but alot of cash.
                              when you say you can taste the difference From the Kogan and your Mahlkoening is it a massive difference ?
                              for a complete “newb” would this be a perfect starter grinder?