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Grinder for french press use only?

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  • Grinder for french press use only?

    Hi All,
    I need some major.snobby help as working from home using robrrt timms coffee bags is making me depressed!

    I use only a french press for my wife and i. No intent on getting a machine.

    I buy my beans from the cafe that normally makes our coffee. They use mazzer grinders.

    Budget is probably AUD$600 but im happy to spend 200-300 if the extra won't make a difference.

    Needs to be brand new.
    Needs to look good as it is sitting in a nice kitchen.

    My options i have ended on after reading here seem to be:
    Sunbeam - 200
    Precision - 500
    Mazzer - 850

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    Sunbeam would cut it.

    I use the precision hand grinder for French press at work. Easy and small (if beans are med roast or darker). I know it's not electric, but it's a good bit of kit and zero retention at $120 ish...


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      Hand grinders are very easy to use at course grind you would use for French press. I use a Comandante and it is almost effortless when course. I was surprised at how nice French press can be (it has been years since I made it, pre snob days).

      Worth considering I think, you will get a much better grinder than you would with and entry level electric.


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        Our site owner (Andy) did a bit of a review on the Kogan grinder. I’m certainly not a fan of Mr Kogan or the way he does business but his grinder would seem to fit your needs and leave $’s in your pocket....


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          Cheers for the replies. I had looked over the site some more and i bought a Macap M2M as it seemed to get a lot of thumbs up here.


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            A solid grinder. Well bought.