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Sunbeam EM0480, CRUNCH!!

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  • Sunbeam EM0480, CRUNCH!!

    My Sunbeam grinder went CRUNCH the other day, as if trying to grind a rock. I thought that doesn't sound good. Restarted grinding and the coffee was obviously very coarse, not the setting I was using.

    Pulled it to bits and the top, removable burr, had sheared off 1 of the 2x locating/locking lugs on the bottom. Rooted.

    How does this happen? Did I actually get a hard bean?

    I've been carrying a bag of spare grinder bits around for yonks, when my mates identical grindex capped out. Problem solved quickly, but I'm just curio u s if anyone else has had this issue.

    Are the burrs available as a spare?

    Cheers darky. .l

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    Yes burrs are available as spare parts. They’re not particularly cheap unfortunately and you can often get a whole second hand grinder in good condition for less than a replacement burr set.


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      Originally posted by Darky View Post
      How does this happen? Did I actually get a hard bean?
      * Your grinder probably found a rock or a nail or a bit of glass or anything harder than a coffee bean.
      * Your coffee roaster probably doesn't use a "destoner" to remove the objects that you don't want to grind.

      These were not beans from CoffeeSnobs!

      It's common for many roasters to not use a destoner, I don't know how they can look their customers in the eyes though.