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    Looking for some help selecting a grinder.

    I have a ECM Giotto and an EM0480. Looking to upgrade the grinder and pair the giotto with something more suitable.

    I've been living overseas for a few years and when I came back I thought I'd grab the mazzer mini as that was all the rage when I was last looking at grinders. Now it seems they are hardly considered.

    I like the look of the Eureka specialita and the Eureka atom (of the two on looks alone I prefer the understated classic look of the specialita, the LCD panel on the atom looks quite garish, however the very modern look does look quite good on the Baratza grinders)

    My preference is the best I can get for as little as possible which is totally personal and nearly always impossible to convey but let's work on a budget around $1k.

    We drink a couple of coffee's each a day, I like espresso, but if I was to drink espresso now, it would have to be Italian (i.e. with sugar) so mostly with milk at the moment.

    It seems that both the specialita and the atom can be had for a similar price so of the two which would you recommend and what else should I consider?

    I don't single dose, I half fill the hopper and run through it before half filling again until the bag of beans is empty.
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    I was tossing between the Specialita and the Atom earlier this year. I was looking for a timed dosing grinder. I ended with the Atom. I will give you an account of my selection process.

    I did lots of research on the Internet before visiting a couple of retailers to speak to them about it and to see the grinders for myself. Interestingly enough they both recommended the Atom over the Specialita. I was more attracted to the Specialita looks and the smaller footprint. However, functionality was my main criteria. I downloaded the manuals for both grinders and read it front to back. The Specialita has 2 buttons in the touch screen for dose 1 and dose 2. To activate manual grinding, one will have to press the 2 button simultaneously. The Atom, however, has 3 buttons for each mode. The Atom was more ergonomic.

    Timed dose adjustment were equally easy on both grinders. Both grinders support pausing the grind so you can tap the portafilter to settle the grounds before completing the grind cycle.

    I weigh my dose (with the portafilter) even when timed dosing so that my brew would be consistent. Sometimes I would need to top up. With the Specialita in manual mode, one has to press the grind button to start continuously grinding. Top stop you have to press the grind button again. On the Atom, pressing the grind button will start continuous grinding and releasing the grind button would stop grinding. This makes it possible to top up the portafilter with small amounts (0.1-0.2g) of coffee.

    For me the Atom has better usability that suits my needs. It is the last point that eventually won me over.


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      Well I am still struggling to make a decision, but decided that I like the look of the specialita enough for it to become a deciding factor, however, the local sponsor does not have stock for at least another 3-4 weeks. Do I wait or get the Atom? 1st world problems are tough.


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        Having owned the Atom for about 6 months or more is a good looking machine in the flesh. Also you get the slightly larger 60mm burrs and near silent operation and a bit more speed, not that speed matters too much for home grinding. I would go for the Atom. Mine looked good next to my Rocket Giotto if it helps.

        Having said that I haven't owned or used the Specialita.
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          Yes, you don't want any regrets. Why don't you try the online stores or the site sponsors. Use the quote link at the top of the page to contact the sponsors.

          I know that some of the site sponsors have free delivery.