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Mahlkonig with 49mm portafilter

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  • Mahlkonig with 49mm portafilter

    Has anyone used a K30/Peak/e65s with a smaller 49mm portafilter? Does the dose activation button work or is it too far in?

    Also if I were to use a tumbler/canister instead to catch the grounds, can you remove entirely the lower section of the holder so it would fit?

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    I’ve got the E65S and I cannot see you having any problems with either a 49mm portafilter or grinding into a cup.

    They envisaged cup grinding when they made the machine. Forks can be taken off and there’s even a cup option on the screen menu.

    Using the PF would also be ok. You can change the angle of the spout to ensure the grounds hit the centre of the basket. It’s very fast so you’re only holding it there for about 4 seconds.


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      Thanks so much. Most shops I've asked don't seem to know which I find strange! Happy with the e65s? I've got a Vario which I adore, but doesn't seem to be as consistent as I'd like. And after 8 years I can justify an upgrade She's done me well though, wanting to stick with Mahlkonig.


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        Yeah it’s a terrific grinder. Fast, quiet and very well built.

        It’s also available badged as the Anfim Pratica for a few hundred bucks less.


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          Thanks H. Yes I noticed that, although I think I'd stay with Mahl just for ease of replacement parts, and aftermarket things like the short hopper.