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  • Compak E5 Issue

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a Compak E5 Grinder that is 4years old and it has recently developed an issue. Before going back to where I bought the grinder, I thought I might check if there is an easy solution form anyone on here.

    Whenever I switch on the grinder it reverts back to Spanish and the grind times set also revert back to previously saved values not the last ones I set. I removed the interface and put a new battery in it to eliminate that maybe the battery was low and didn't always hold/supply power, causing it to reset. Unfortunately no luck there and still has the issue.

    Therefore, I am wondering if anyone has experienced this issue or has some knowledge of it.

    Thankfully, it is more an annoying problem and not stopping me being able to use the grinder.

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    Paragraph 12.5 in the User Manual talks about how to replace the battery without losing stored data.

    Other than that, nothing mentioned since there's no troubleshooting guide.

    I would just call Compak directly.


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      Thanks, I wish my manual had information about the battery but mentions nothing. I did lose all my data for ground/shots amounts.

      Also, I already had lost this data previously when the original battery died.

      I should see if I can download an updated manual if there is one that mentions the battery replacement.


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        There were a whole batch of early and faulty boards which reverted to Spanish and had to be replaced under warranty. Suggest you follow up with your place of purchase.


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          Thanks Caffeinator, that's handy to know. It does look like there might not be a simple solution, so will contact the place of purchase.