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  • Compak A8 upgrade

    I have owned the Comapk A8 machine for close to 10 years now. Some may not have heard of this machine but for background it is a 83mm flat burr machine similiar to a K8
    It is an absolute beast of a machine in size, weight and reliability. It has never let me down and seems to grind very light and fluffy.
    I use it predominantly for espresso.
    It is very large, with the hopper bringing it to extreme size for a household kitchen.
    I would like to upgrade this machine to something that grinds better, or atleast on par, but is physically smaller and more 'elegant' looking.
    Profitec T64 or Qamar M80e look interesting but I just do not know how much of an upgrade they would be in terms of quality of grind.
    Does anyone have any ideas for me to have a look for my upgrade?

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    Hi, sounds like a real beast of a machine.

    I have a profitec t 64 ( so down in size from your massive 83mm burrs). It (the T64) has some weight but no where near commercial ( ditting etc). It fits quite easily under my standard cupboards. It grinds reasonably quickly ( 7.5-8 sec for 20 gms) and is very consistent except for the first shot of the day if you don't do a little purge of the stale grinds. It does retain some grinds but not excessively ( to me at least) nor do they seem to add static - fluffy yes- static not so far. I like the fine adjustment, but don't think this would work too well if you were changing from espresso to filter regularly. It has a powerful 450 watt motor but i haven't translated that to either more heat or less heat or fewer rpms etc. I really like my machine but i can't really tell if it would be an upgrade as such , more like downsizing!


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      I have had a Profitec Pro T64 for the last 4 weeks. I upgraded from a Sette 270T which was good for 2 years until the motor burnt out.

      So far I really like the Pro T64. It is quick, quiet and the worm-gear steepless grind adjustment is awesome !

      It does have some grind retention as FNQ states above, however I just purge about 10g per morning, which whilst not being ideal, I can cope with. The grinds are consistent and relatively fluffy - some very minor clumping at times - but no static. The LED timer display was one of my concerns as I don't really like that LED display location and it is not as easy to change as some others, however there are some good videos out there on how to adjust it quite easily. I now turn the LED display off.

      You may have seen this video (below) where Whole Latte Love do a comparison between the Profitec and Quamar. It is good - particularly the part about the "O-ring" on the grinder housing, and the design of the burrs. I felt the Profitec excelled in these 2 areas.

      I also looked at the ECM (who make profitec), Eureka and Rocket Grinders. Eureka have a good reputation, and as the burrs adjust from the bottom there is no grind resetting required after cleaning the burrs, which seems quite handy. Ultimately I wanted worm-gear grind adjustment, relatively small size, and good size burrs (64mm are larger than average for most prosumer machines).

      It is a big decision - too many options out there, so you may need to compromise as no one machine had everything that I wanted. I ultimately just decided on a few core features I definitely wanted (not too large for on the bench top , large burr size and worm-grear grind adjustment) and the profitec came out on top for me.

      Happy deciding !