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    Hi All - long time lurker first time poster

    I recent put in an order for a LM Linea Mini after many months of deliberating and managed to get in before the $760 price hike!

    Im now on the lookout for a grinder to go with it and I think I have decided on the Rocket Faustino, I have a few requirements outlined below - wanted to know if anyone has much experience with the Faustino (tried searching but not much info around) or if someone has any other suggestions
    - I looked at getting the Lux D grinder but for $1800 I didn't think the equipment justified the cost
    - don't like the idea of the niche zero - prefer hopper rather than dose based grinding

    things I like about the Faustino - small footprint, good looks in my opinion (love the funnel look), reasonable price, electric based time dose

    Budget around the $1200 mark but could go a touch higher if needed
    need something with a smallish foot print
    mainly make milk based coffee (FW, LM etc)
    2-3 per day
    want something stylish (eureka atom I couldn't stand the look !! despite the good reviews)

    let me know what you think and thanks in advance

    Addit - I upgraded from my well worn Breville barista express
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    Good on you for getting the LM!

    IMO rocket grinders aren't worth it - only because they're rebadged eureka machines (i might be wrong, if so someone please correct me. But fairly sure they are).

    For $1200 range I would probably pick up a Mazzer Mini E, niche. I'm not sure there's many more I'd recommend tbh. I just would recommend against the rocket faustino. It's too much buck for too little bang. At least get the fausto. You've spend all that money on a nice machine, get a nicer grinder so at least your coffee tastes as good as your machine looks. There's no feeling worse than making a coffee that doesn't taste as good as your machine looks.


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      How about the Profitec Pro T64? It has small footprint plus the funnel look that you desire.


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      The E5P doesn't meet his criteria of electric time dosing though.


      • flynnaus
        flynnaus commented
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        True but depends on what cwwylde is prepared to compromise. It is unlikely (s)he will get everything on the wish list.
        I would be going back to the shop he bought the Linea Mini and saying 'I just laid down $6k for one of your machines. Do me a good deal on a good grinder'. You might (should) get a good discount.

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      Yeah I really was after and electric dose based machine, I liked the idea of the mazzer mini E but hate the stupid curly electric cable on the top


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        With a machine like you just bought I would be looking at a higher calibre grinder to be honest. From my limited understanding, the grinder is more important than the coffee machine.


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          What about a Fiorenzato F4E? Some good reviews on Home-Barista but not so popular here, similar functions to a Mazzer Mini but with smaller blades at 58mm.

          Dropping a bit in popularity but you could also checkout Macap M2D / M4D grinders. Compak E5 Electronic is another one within a similar format.

          If you don't like the Atom then you may not be keen but what about a Eureka Zenith Club E? Pretty much the same body as the Atom but without the crappy plastic grinds chute.


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            Ceado E6P V2 meets the spec and price and looks good


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              Eureka Mignon Specialita got the following advantages over Rocket Faustino:
              * cheaper (I didn't know Rocket tax is so high)
              * slightly bigger burr (55mm vs 50mm)
              * functional portafilter holder (flimsy but does the job)
              * Minecraft inspired design (not your ugly funnel)

              The motor and other things might be similar. There is Eureka logo (and some Italian text from Eureka) in Rocket Faustino's manual. So most likely Faustino is made by Eureka.


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                thanks for the input everyone, after multiple discussions with the wife I think we have decided on the Mazzer Mini electric A


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                  Originally posted by cwwylde View Post
                  thanks for the input everyone, after multiple discussions with the wife I think we have decided on the Mazzer Mini electric A
                  It has 64mm burrs and grinds slowly producing minimal heat. I think Mazzer have got it right with this grinder.


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                    Just an update

                    finally arrived and all set up, loving the mazzer !


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                      Click image for larger version

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