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  • 1zpresso grinders?

    What's the best options for 1zpresso grinders If I'm strictly looking to do pour over. I already have a specialita for espresso. So I'm looking for a hand grinder to cover my other brew methods but there are so many models I'm a bit confused as to which one is best for pourovers.


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    Take your pick depending on your budget


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      Unless it has changed the JX (non-pro) version is one of the best for pour over. There are other cheaper models with smaller burrs which are slower to grind if you want it for travel. I have the JX Pro and use it daily for Aeropress/V60/Chemex with good results I bought the Pro as it do sometimes use if for with a Flair.

      From the list tompoland sent JX or if you want a lighter slower more portable option Q2 would be better.


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        Andre843 Did you make a decision on this? I'm in the same boat...
        I'm confused... Isn't the K Plus the best of 1zpresso for pour over?
        tompoland ​​​​​​​- have you used them? How do they compare to your machines?
        I need to make a decision on this as well - I was thinking it was down to the K plus or the K Pro (I like the external grind selector) or maybe pushing myself up to a Kinu Classic.
        I have a Rok that I want to keep and have set up for espresso... so I really need something that reduces fines and makes great pour over...
        I'm really keen to hear everyone's thoughts - and will order this weekend.


        • tompoland
          tompoland commented
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          No I have not. For travel I use a Kinu M47 Classic and I backed a kickstarter project for another 47mm conical hand grinder (the knob grinder) so I am good in the hand grinder department for a while.

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        Thanks for the feedback guys. Haven't made a decision yet but I'm tossing up between the Jx and the K plus.

        I really like the adjustment ring on K plus because the timemore chestnut I have currently is so frustrating because there is no numbers on the adjustment so you have to turn back to the zero point to know how many clicks you are. On the flip side the Jx has a very good value proposition.

        I'm curious as to what the grinds quality is like between the two burrsets if anyone has any insight or experience


        • EldoradoGreen
          EldoradoGreen commented
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          I just pulled the trigger on the K pro - I want it mainly for pour over and i also like the idea of the external adjustment - will let you know how it goes once it arrives and I've had a few grinds with it. Apparently the only real difference is the magnetic cup / hammer release in the cup... and I felt like I would probably be so clumsy that I'd knock the magnetic cup off... So I got the k-pro.

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        Congrats. Would love to hear your feedback once you've made a few cups. I'm still on the fence as there's not alot of information out there about the flavour profile/performance between the J series burrs and K series.
        I do love the external adjustment ring they have the the K series + the jmax


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          Ok - I've had the J Pro for a couple of weeks now. What a lovely grinder.
          It's really solid in the hand, and fast. I've spent a bit if time dialling it in - and my point of comparison is the ROK grinder - which it is making it look clunky and cumbersome in comparison. The dial selection is great - much more accurate...

          I guess I was hoping that I could leave the ROK set for espresso and the K Pro ready to go for pour over, but the K Pro gives a better cup - more easily - than the ROK for both things. I'm now thinking about the possibility of in future purchasing a J MAX or a J PRO just to set for espresso... Not sure if that's just a little too OCD...

          Anyhow - very happy. Thanks to you all on this thread that recommended the 1zpresso.


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            I treasure my jx every morning.


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              Ah! I wrote J Pro! NO It's a K PRO!


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                I found the 1zpresso line up super confusing but they have a great little comparison chart on their FAQ page:


                Looks like the external adjustment on these grinders is considered a premium.


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                  well my k-pro arrived today. Looks and feels amazing, very well build hand grinder.
                  Now to get to using it...

                  Click image for larger versionName:	z1.jpgViews:	17Size:	105.6 KBID:	886248

                  Click image for larger versionName:	z2.jpgViews:	17Size:	64.5 KBID:	886247

                  Click image for larger versionName:	z3.jpgViews:	20Size:	69.6 KBID:	886246


                  • tompoland
                    tompoland commented
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                    Great kit. Love the travel bag.

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                  Can you fit an aeropress and the K plus side by side in that hard case? Would make a. Awesome travel kit if you could


                  • JohnA
                    JohnA commented
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                    doubt it will fit but would be very nice

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                  the 1zpresso k plus is a joy to use.

                  Grinds effortlessly, though havent tried it for espresso, only pour over and cold drip. Grinding is fairly quick and no real effort required.
                  feels great in the hand also and the magnetic catcher is a great feature.

                  setting the zero point is easy and quick, and that it pulls apart with ease for cleaning is another bonus.

                  I never thought id enjoy using a manual grinder but here we are.

                  Its a keeper for sure


                  • roosterben
                    roosterben commented
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                    They really are underated, my JX Pro has been grinding 2-3 pourovers every weekday for 6 months and is a pleasure to use. I notice 1ZPresso are being carried in Australia by Alternative Brewing, good pricing too, I paid $250 for my JX Pro from 1ZPresso via Amazon.

                  • JohnA
                    JohnA commented
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                    yea i am really impressed. I thought i would try it and most likely sell it as i wouldnt like it...

                    And yep, thats who i got mine from