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Electric or manual? Looking for real recommendations. (Newbie)

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  • Electric or manual? Looking for real recommendations. (Newbie)

    I am sort of new to brewing coffee at home and I do brew with V60, French Press and Moka pot.

    So far I have been using Sunbeam EM0440 Conical Burr Grinder which is a very entry level grinder I guess. I was thinking to switch to manual instead of upgrading my electric so with the same money I could get something better quality wise - is this true? I've tried to google, but everyone seems to sell their stuff instead of giving fair advices. With "quality" I purely mean how beans get grounded - all other features like portability, usability, etc are secondary to me. And of course feel free to suggest models please. Budget wise nothing too crazy, but good enough to enjoy good coffee.

    Since I am here, if anyone replies, what's your fav shop to buy fresh roasted beans in Melbourne? Mine so far Market Lane and ACoffee.


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    What budget did you have in mind by not too crazy? and will you need espresso fine ability in the future or sticking with above methods?
    I am no expert, but most would likely agree a good hand grinder, purely in terms of ground quality, will out perform electric grinders at minimum 2* the same price.


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      I'll stick with those methods, so no need to have espresso ability (good catch, thanks Blues1143!).

      I was thinking to look for a good second hand and spend between $100/$200 - does that sound reasonable or am I asking too much?


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        At that price point, in absence of needing espresso fine, hard to go past regular 1zpresso JX new which can be found for about exactly $200. Apparently 1zpresso themselves ship from Taiwan via Fedex so likely faster than using Auspost currently, and price seems to be $206 landed, seems more difficult to find locally than the pro model, which is really only needed for espresso. Others may be able to speak to how good the well regarded Lido ET grinders (second hand in for sale section) are for non-espresso methods. If you want more the lower end of the budget then hard to go past Timemore C2 (upgraded model), which can be had for about $100 locally or less if you import via AliE.


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          Thanks for your recommendations, really appreciated!

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        Look at a second hand breville Smart Grinder Pro. Both my sons upgraded to that machine from a sunbeam and both noticed a big difference with more flavour. You could round $180 will get you a near new one.


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          I second this. Pretty good grinder that can be had for $199 brand new. Just need to wait until one of the "big box" retailers does a sale.

          I used one for many years for both espresso & moka pot.

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        I checked the Breville Smart Grinder Pro, but read a few reviews which didn't talk very well. Of course does the job and def better than what I have now, but if with the same money I could get something that grinds way better, but manually I am OK with it. I live by myself and I grind on average daily 20/25 gr max so not a bug effort. And I don't do espresso, only pour over or moka. Plus I can take it with me if I am going away. Thanks for your suggestions though.


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          I would go with a decent hand grinder like the 1zpresso like blues mentioned. For their price and you're not after an espresso grind. The breville smart grinder is a good grinder, but it's a very clumpy grinder unless you use tools to unclump. It's a good all rounder. But for something manual that will grind what you need in less than a minute will be more than enough


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            Most likely I'll go for the 1zpresso, but a big doubt has come up. For $50 more I can get the JX-pro which covers espresso grind setups as well (I am not brewing espresso now, but who knows) - is it worth it? I assume there is no difference in terms of grinding for filter coffee compared to the JX?


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              Don't have the JX but same burr set (48 mm SS) - just different adjustment mechanism and slightly different overall size so yes should be no different for filter.